Sunday, March 18, 2012

New feature coverage on the 2013 Garmin nuvis

School zone warning on the Garmin nuvi 2597LMT

School zone warning on the Garmin nuvi 2597LMT

The 2013 Garmin nuvi line brought several new features that you may or may not be seeing — active lane guidance, real directions and school zone warnings.

As with previous new features (think Junction View), initial coverage is far from widespread but I expect we’ll see it expand with subsequent map updates, especially for active lane guidance and school zone warnings. Real Directions may be a bit slower — it was only rolled out in 52 cities initially and I haven’t been able to ascertain Garmin’s plans for expanding it.

I’ll also note that I’ve seen several people ask if you need to load a custom POI file to get the school zone warnings. No, but apparently they are rare enough that even some Garmin support staff don’t know about them. This quote from the original 2013 nuvi news release should help them out:

…the new nüvi units now also provide school zone warnings.

Which of the new features are you seeing, and where?

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  1. RV760LMT; Metropoltian Washington DC Area…

    Getting Active Lane Guidance and “turn right at the traffic light” after the previous turn notification by road name.

  2. Boyd Ostroff says:

    But let’s not forget about the features that were removed from the 2013 models. Dashboards and advanced pedestrian navigation come to mind… 🙂

    • And adjustable/correctable speed limits 🙁 I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think the safety camera subscriptions will work for ’13 either… my RV760LMT is not on the compatibility list.

  3. Tom Tom has offered warnings for schools, police, traffic cameras, ad free traffic. etc for years as well as most of the other “new” Garmin features. The Garmin “real directions” feature seems interesting but how will they be able to keep it anywhere near current as many places change daily?

  4. Benazeer Abbas says:

    Hello Rich,

    I was bit disappointed with 2597 LMT. This was my first nuvi. They dropped support for cyclops safety, now i have to install POIs which is frustrating. I know POIs for speed and redlight cameras but I don’t know if their is anything mobile photo radar and LiDAR. Do you know any POI which can support this.

    Benazeer Abbas

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