Sunday, March 18, 2012

TomTom rolls out 7″ Android tablet for fleets

TomTom Bridge Android tablet for fleetsTomTom has announced the Bridge, a 7″ ruggedized Android device for fleet managers. The tablet-like device will include an NFC chip, 5MP camera, Bluetooth, WiF, a 3G modem, rear camera compatibility, and a replaceable battery.

TomTom Bridge

Sample version customized for car rental agencies

The company is touting the device as ideal for a wide range of fleet-based businesses, taxis and car rental agencies.

The Bridge is slated to be available in Q2 2014. Initially I thought this might be a Europe-only release for the time being, but I have been assured that it is coming to the US shortly.

TomTom Bridge showing rear view camera interface

TomTom Bridge showing rear view camera interface

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  1. Jim1348 says:

    That is an interesting find. Thank you for posting that. Can Garmin be far behind with something like this or will they avoid this concept altogether?

  2. offthegrid says:

    The base model will be $550 and that is the only one that will be sold in the US from what I was told.

    The connected model won’t be sold here includes these three features for another $100

    – 5 megapixel camera and flashlight
    – Near-field communication
    – 3G-embedded modem

    • Wow, no connected model. Seems like that would really the market for it.

      • offthegrid says:

        I don’t understand that either Rich. Since it’s a 3G modem there is no reason not to offer it here.

        The other thing is that the ‘cradle’ that it comes with needs to be connected with some form of non removable hardware. There is a video unfortunately in French but it shows the cradle about halfway through. Given that it’s a 7 inch unit and meant for commercial use I guess I can understand but I’m not drilling holes in either of my vehicles.

        Our standard model comes with full navigation coverage of either Europe or North America. A standard version for trucks and lorries will also be available, showing routes and relevant map features for heavy goods vehicles.

        Standard features include:

        – 7” touchscreen WSVGA
        – Powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor
        – USB/BT/WiFi connectivity
        – G-sensor, compass, Gyro
        – Micro SD access
        – Hardwearing cradle, compatible with 12/24V charger (included) and compatible with any semi-integration vehicle setup
        – Replaceable battery
        – Integrated 2W speaker

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