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Garmin Edge 305 Review

UPDATE: This model has been discontinued. For a current alternative, check out the Garmin Edge 500.

The Garmin Edge 305 is a new GPS-enabled cyclometer. The 305 comes in three models — the 305CAD includes a cadence/speed sensor, the 305HR includes a heart rate monitor, and the 305HR+ comes with both. All the Edge 305 series utilize a barometric altimeter.

The more basic Edge 205 offers neither the cadence/speed sensor nor heart rate monitor, and elevation data is based on GPS readings. All the Edge units, be they the 205 or 305, include the SiRFSTARIII chipset, which has been getting rave reviews for acquisition time and awesome coverage under canopy, in urban canyons and even indoors!

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I’ll be posting more hands-on reviews as they appear, but in the meantime, here are some…

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  1. Now custom map support is enabled for the Garmin Edge and Forerunner series using
    This website let’s you create your own maps which you can load solely or combined with a course to your Garmin.
    Unleash the power of your Edge or Forerunner and start creating maps at

  2. Looks cool. Thanks for the tip Henk.

  3. Just to let you know that the CourseMapper pages have been moved to another server and now has a new URL as well.
    To access CourseMapper go to:
    The old server is out of service, so I suggest you update your bookmarks since you will not automatically be re-directed to the new location.
    Oh, and also made some more improvements to the site itself..
    Have a nice day!

  4. Hi all!
    Thought I would let you know what I?ve been working on till dawn (and a little more) this night:
    I created the “CourseCompacter” application to compact (compress) the size of Courses for my Edge 205.
    However, I made it compatible with .crs & .tcx and .gpx files so that most GPS devices should benefit from this “track compacter”.
    I have done some tests, and they are pretty amazing.
    The results vary depending on what kind of Course or GPX file you load.
    If you have a file with many curves the compression is a little less, but with files with some long more or less straight streches
    the reduction can be to less than 15% of the original file size.
    With my usual tracks that i recorded while mountainbiking on the winding paths in the mountains I could achieve a reduction to a good 25%,
    but with roadbiking the reduction is far better because of the straight parts.
    The tool lets you specify the accuracy of the track that you wish to maintain. I used settings of 10 to 15 meters with very good results.
    Because the GPS accuracy is normally no much better than 5 meters going below that limit is pretty useless anyway.
    During the conversion of both courses (.crs & .tcx) and tracks (.gpx) the original timestamps and elevation of points is retained.
    This ensures that the “Virtual Partner” and “Elevation Profile” of your GPS device maintains fully functional!
    When compacting courses you can even choose to maintain CoursePoints so you don’t loose important indications.
    I would say, test it for yourself! Please tell me your findings and recommendations.
    I?m pretty happy with the result and hope you are as well.
    You can find the online tool at click the [Compact Courses or Tracks] tab to load the application.
    Good luck, I will try to get some sleep now 😉

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