Sunday, March 18, 2012


Garmin Rino 120 review


The Garmin Rino 120 combines GPS navigation with two-way radio communications. It’s 8 MB of memory also allows you to transfer maps and data from Garmin products such as Topo US and Fishing Hot Spots.

Compared to the Rino 110, the Rino 120 has a better base map, more memory (8 MB vs. 1 MB), voice scrambler and vibration alerts. Step up to the Rino 130 and you’ll get even more memory (24 MB), a larger tracklog capacity, NOAA weather radio, an electronic compass and barometric altimeter.

Garmin recently released new color models with an updated feature set — the Rino 520 and Rino 530.

There are dozens of customer reviews of the Rino 120 to read at Amazon.

Here’s what others are saying about the Rino 120:

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  1. All eTrex series Garmins are rather slow at rendering high detailed maps. That’s why it was sometimes difficult to use it in by foot walks, for example, in Paris or Moscow.
    Nevertheless it can be powerful tool in hiking and trips, with a cool possibility to transmit position via built-in radio (with last firmwares it can transmit points with GMRS).

  2. Thanks Alex. One of these days I’m going to have to break down and buy a couple of these for my wife and me. I was thinking about it while biking yesterday. I think I’ll wait for a Bluetooth model that works with a matching bike helmet though. They’ve got those things for motorcycles. Can bikes be far behind?

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