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Magellan Tritons available but…

Magellan_triton_300UPDATE: Read my Magellan Triton 1500 review.

The long-awaited Magellan Triton series is starting to show up at e-tailers and retailers, but there are good reasons to look before you leap. The Triton 300 is available at some Sportsmans Warehouse stores according to this report. Radio Shack is showing the 300 and 1500 as available, while NewEgg lists the 1500 as out of stock.

I received a Triton 1500 from yesterday, but was disappointed to find that the USB cable, VantagePoint software and manual were missing. I wasn’t the only one to receive a 1500 without all of the accessories.

Please note that this problem may be limited to the 1500s, as the one report I’ve seen on a 300 said the cable was included.

This morning I spoke with a contact at Magellan about the problems. Apparently, Magellan subs out to a fulfillment center, whose responsibility it is to put all the components in the box. Sounds like they need a new fulfillment center! Magellan is now trying to determine the best way to reach the affected customers to ensure that they receive the missing items. I imagine they will have to go through the retailers to do that.

Unfortunately, I can’t load any National Geographic TOPO! maps to the unit until I get the cable. I spoke to Magellan tech support this morning, a process that took 25 minutes, three people and being cut off once. They say they will send me the missing items next week. But my confidence level isn’t that high due to all the reports I’ve seen of poor follow through by Magellan tech support.

So caveat emptor. And stay tuned. I’ll be posting a full review, but not till I get that pesky cable!

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  1. Interesting that the report you saw about the 300 said the cable was included. The initial product info has said only the 1500 and 2000 would come with the cable. If all the units that accept downloads come with the cable, that will be a very good thing.

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