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Garmin Edge 705 review


UPDATE: This model has been discontinued, replaced by the touchscreen Garmin Edge 800.

The Garmin Edge 705 is a relatively high-end cycling GPS, updating previous Edge units with mapping capabilities, a color screen, wireless data transfer and power monitoring. The Edge 705 comes in a number of configurations:

  • Garmin Edge 705 with heart rate monitor
  • Garmin Edge 705 with heart rate monitor + speed/cadence sensor
  • Garmin Edge 705 with heart rate monitor + speed/cadence sensor + City Navigator maps

Related units

  • The Edge 605 also has a color screen and allows you to add maps, but leaves out the 705’s heart rate monitor, ability to add a speed/cadence sensor, power monitoring capability, barometric altimeter and wireless data transfer
  • Going the other direction, step up to the Edge 800 to gain a touchscreen interface and the ability to load custom maps and aerial imagery

I covered many aspects of the Edge 605 in my review of that device, so I won’t repeat them all here. Check it out for screenshots, mounting info, etc. One point I do want to reiterate though, elaborated on in that review, is that while the Edge series is a great training device, it isn’t so hot for backcountry navigation.

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  1. I think the edge705 is the premium bike GPS, especially if you are going to hook up the functionality to your bike. My hesitation is thinking it would be better just to get a watch like the forerunner to be able to use for different outdoor athletics. Any thoughts out there?

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