Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bluetooth that works!

Nuvi 7x5T A2DP Bluetooth

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post asking does Bluetooth suck? That's pretty much been my experience, at least when I'm the person on the receiving end of the call from a GPS. But my opinion of Bluetooth has changed some since I wrote that.

Over the past few weeks, I've been testing the Garmin nuvi 775T, one of three 7×5 series models with Bluetooth. I wanted to check out the A2DP Bluetooth feature, hoping it would allow for a three-way connection between my headset, phone and the nuvi. This would put the microphone closer to my mouth, instead of relying on the one built into the front of the nuvi. Apparently the engineers at Garmin didn't configure it to work that way, but to my surprise they've done a great job of improving sound quality, though I think that is about echo-cancellation technology and not A2DP.

My wife and I have taken turns on both ends of calls, as we do every time I have a test unit with Bluetooth, so she's been exposed to as many of these units as I have. And she agrees with me, this one is good enough for everyday use. She even went further, saying she would use it if we had one of our own (was that a hint?). It may not be as good as using your phone or headset directly, but it is a huge improvement.

So there you go, Bluetooth that actually works. It's available on the following 7×5 series models:

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  1. Rich, great site.

    Do you happen to have an update on the Bluetooth situation with recent GPS units? Many more seem to include the feature but if most have poor sound quality, I’d rather removing that as a criteria in choosing our first GPS unit.

    As a note, we’re currently using a Jabra Cruiser speakerphone with our iPhone and are fairly happy with that. Still, if it meant one less device to worry about and have to recharge…

    • The technology still just isn’t that great for the person on the other end of the call. I think you’re better off with the Jabra, which puts the mic closer to your mouth.

  2. What I would really like is the ability to send an address that is in my phone over to the GPS via bluetooth….is this even possible yet?

  3. I bought the lowest cost Garmin Nuvi (Refurbished 255 from for US$55) to use on my XT225, I was just after a screen that would display a good Map ( + 10m Contours, and OpenStreetMaps as being the best combination for riding/exploring the Philippines, especially Cebu, show one postion on that map, and trail of where I have been to get where i am.

    Other than not being water-resistant it was a good buy. I also bought a Garmin Nuvi 265W for a frind that came with bluetooth and traffic (fat lot of good that is in the Philippines). Having played with the 265W Bluetooth, before handing it over, it seems geared to using the Garmin Screen as alternative to a GPS Phone with Bluetooth,to make and receive calls.

    Unless I got it wrong, because I did not study the manual for long enough, I did not discover if it was indeed possible to ‘pair’ a Nuvi with Bluetooth, to a Bluetooth Headset, rather (or as well as?) t a Mobile Phone with Bluetooth. I would like to wear a Bluetooth headset system to communicate with i) pillion passenger or fellow riders with compatible Bluetooth headsets, ii) hear Turn by Turn Navigation in my Bluetooth earpiece and boom mic inside my Crash Helmet, as unable to hear the speaker on Garmin Nuvi in water Resistant Case, mounted on my handlebars.

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