Sunday, March 18, 2012

DeLorme inReach GPS to bring 2-way messaging

delorme-inreachEarlier this afternoon, DeLorme gave us a sneak peek at the forthcoming DeLorme inReach, which allows two-way messaging in the absence of a cellular connection. With plans starting at $9.95 per month, it sounds a bit pricey, but when you consider that the basic SPOT plan costs $99.99 per year, that’s not so bad (depending upon what the basic plan allows and the cost of the device). The device will work as a stand alone unit, or paired with the DeLorme PN-60w or Android smartphones. It’s late and I’ve got family obligations pressing, so for more info hit the link above and read all about it.

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  1. Ray Harris says:

    Will this unit replace the spot communicator that is used with the PN60-W ?

    I am wondering if De Lorme is dumping SPOT for Iridium ?

  2. What, if anything, is Garmin doing about Delormes communicators? Are they going to try to compete with this stuff at all?

    I love Garmin’s aftermarket support with free maps and work arounds, but being able to send messages out of cell phone service is really handy and comforting.

    • Unknown. Garmin often waits a couple years until the technology improves before adding new features. I do expect them to get into the game, but don’t expect an announcement until at least this fall.

  3. wait.. so i’m pretty new to gps technology so i’m not quite sure what this does..
    what makes it different from a regular walkie talkie set?

  4. Regular walkie talkies can’t send messages using satellites orbiting high above the earth. 😀

  5. Right on.

    This isn’t a typically GPS. Instead of just receiving signals from a GPS satellite, which allows the unit to calculate its position, this one also allows you to send and receive messages via satellite. But not a GPS satellite. Rather they go through a specialized communications satellite (I believe in this case it’s an Inmarsat satellite).

  6. i see.. i actually read up some more stuff about this device.. looks quite helpful!

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