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GizzMoVest protective GPS case review and giveaway

GizzMoVest-GPS-case-reviewGizzMoVest protective GPS cases are manufactured by a small Goleta, California company. Made of a combination of materials (a soft-knit interior, a high density plastic, and a very grippy exterior) the case shown above gives plenty of protection for the device. I’m not sure it would prevent damage if it were ran over by a truck, but it seems likely to save it against many drops on rock, concrete, etc. Now you would still need a screen protector, and as you can see, the front of the Garmin GPSMAP 62 series case is open, allowing access to the buttons. So while it could always hit a rocky protuberance screen first, a case such as this should dramatically reduce the chances of significant damage from most spills. In fact, the case results in a recessed screen (whereas the 62 series screen on a bare unit is flush), further reducing the chance of screen damage.

GizzMoVest closed

Currently the company has cases for the Garmin GPSMAP 62 and 78 series and the eTrex line, with a Montana case due soon.

The 62 series case I tested is incredibly simple to use. You simply place the unit in the open case…


Close it up and slide the lanyard clasp to secure it…


Note the indention near the seam above. This is the location of the 62 series power button. The case has enough flex that you can turn it on by pressing here.

Here’s another view showing the belt clip…



Highly recommended. This is a simple and great case, offering significant protection for your investment. I tend to go commando myself (uh, in terms of my GPS receivers that is), but then I’m used to spending a lot of money on new units each year, and I don’t carry the same ones on each outing. Investing in a case for each isn’t something I’m likely to do. Most of our readers are probably more likely to hold onto a unit for at least a couple of years, if not much longer. For those of you in that category, I think the GizzMoVest is a great solution.

Here’s a link to the GizzMoVest company website.

Giveway x 2

Okay, I’ve got two review cases here, one for the Garmin GPSMAP 62 series and one for the 78 series. The manufacturer has kindly agreed to let me offer them up in a contest. I’m going to keep it very simple. Here are the rules:

  • Simply leave a comment below, but make sure you say if you want the 62 or 78 series case
  • Enter only once; multiple entries from the same person or IP address will be disqualified
  • Be sure to use an email address that you check regularly; I’ll notify the winner and you’ll have 24 hours to give me a mailing address by email or I’ll give it to someone else
  • Do not include your email address in the body of your comment (unless you want a lot of spam!); just plug it into the comment form
  • US residents only
  • You must be 18 or older to enter
  • The winners will be selected at random after the contest closes next Tuesday, August 23 at noon EDT
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  1. Rick Howard says:

    Great review Rich,
    I concur that this is a great product. I might add that in my communications with the company, they indicated a case would be available soon for the 62 that would enable it to easily connect to a RAM mount. This should appeal to ATV, snowmobile and motorcycle folks. They also indicated a case for the 60csx would be available. Im not sure about the Oregon, but it would be logical to offer one i would think. Thanks again.

  2. I would love to win the 62 series case.

  3. Put me in the hopper for the 62 case. I do wish it had an option for a carabiner clip, but I like the lanyard.

    • Rick Howard says:

      Leszek, It is very easy to adapt a garmin lanyard to the Metal belt clip of the gizzmovest case. A simple, very short, coil of braided wire conncting the two works great and tucks nicely under the clip. Come to think of it, a key ring would work as well.

  4. Steve Cologne says:

    I love the 62 series and think also the case will protect it against banging on backpack frames or when you set down the pack. For my old etrex that was rugged, you always had to check it at rest stops, breaks, etc.

  5. Eric Spalding says:

    Put me in teh drawing for the 62 series case.

    Thanks Rich!

  6. I’m in for the 78 series. I currently have the eTrex case and highly recommend them;)

  7. I’ll take the 62, please.

  8. I’m in for the 62.

  9. 62 and that looks like a much better case than i have been able to find.

  10. One important observation is that not only is the screen recessed but the buttons are too! I’ve had problems with several units wearing the black off the buttons. The wear seems a bit premature and usually occurs around the margins of the buttons wjere they rub against my nylon carry case. Recessed, they shouldn’t wear at all.

    Put me in for the 62 case! Thanks!

    I’ll be on vacation that week but hope to check my email Tuesday night if I get within cell range!

  11. I contacted the company and asked them about a case for the Oregon series. The prompt response states the have the Oregon case in the works and we MAY see them in September.
    I am waiting with bated breath

  12. Rob Maile says:

    Looks awesome….and it looks FUZZY!

  13. Is satellite reception degraded by having a cover over the antenna?
    Also a bright orange color would be good for search and rescue or in case you dropped your gps in the dense brush.

  14. Larry Bonneau says:

    Rich, please put me in the 62 group. I agree with Leszek and Anthony, support the carabiner and a bright color would make this perfect. But sounds very good as is. And might save my 62s from further wear and tear. Should have gotten screen protector before the last field trip…

  15. Chris Haviland says:

    GPSMAP 62 series

  16. GPSMAP 62 please.

  17. Ryan Theisen says:

    Put me in for the 78 series case please.

  18. Sorry, I forgot to list which cover.

    GPSMAP 62

    Thank you.

  19. Funny, I just learned about Gizzmovest yesterday while surfing on Ebay … and I live only a few miles from them, LOL! I have an Etrex Vista HCx so aren’t eligible. But I’d like to put in my vote for brighter colors like orange, red, or yellow. Makes the unit easier to find when its not on my body and happens to be in a pack or its dark.

  20. Waxedhands says:

    Please put me in for the 62 series case. Thanks!

  21. Charles Jones says:

    might be too late, but just returned from a week OOT, and saw the notice about the case giveaway. GPS62 case please. I agree with the bright color comments, and the need for the RAM mount version.


  22. Congratulations to Rex Coggins and Steve Cologne. Your cases should go out USPS Priority today.

  23. That’s a cool looking case. But it looks like it would add a bit of bulk though.

    Just had a thought – it looks like it would be relatively easy to put the gps in a ziploc bag first and then close it in the case, making it water resistant on top of drop resistant.

  24. I think the GizzMoVest is a great product!

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