Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin portable friction mount review

The Garmin portable friction mount is far and away my favorite GPS mount. Apart from saying that, I’ll just let the video speak for itself.

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  1. I’ve had a Garmin suction cup mount on one of the rubber bases for quite some time. It worked fine for me when I lived in PA. It quickly became a problem after I moved to Texas, though. The heat down here meant that the suction cup would always lose its grip. Usually it only happened when the car was parked somewhere warm and sunny but occasionally on long trips, the cup would just pop off the base or the windshield.

    I had seen these mounts from Garmin and decided that I needed one to eliminate the suction cup disconnections from my driving. I have not looked back. FINALLY my Nuvi stays put. And it allows a pretty substantial amount of height adjustment. Since I drive a small car with a windshield that seems to go on forever, I need the GPS as low as possible so it doesn’t get in the way. This mount provides me with that adjustability. It’s definitely worth it.

  2. will thius friction mount fit a Garmin 2460lmt model?

  3. Would this mount work with any TomTom models?

  4. Hi, I am purchasing a Nuvi 3790t GPS which will be used mainly for vacation, on rental cars. Will this mount be of the easy mount – dismount type for this application?
    TIA, Jose

  5. Richard Osinski says:

    will this mount work with Magelan 5230T-LM (5″ screen) the ball notę arm looks the same. Sincerely

  6. Is it possible for the Garim Nuvi 2797LMT to show a compass direction heading (N, E, S, W, etc.) like the older Garmin units do?

    Thanks, Jeff in T.C., MI

  7. Does the Garmin friction mount really ruin your dash?

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