Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin Adventures comes out of beta; BaseStation introduced too

Garmin Adventures

Garmin is releasing an update to BaseCamp this morning, officially rolling out Garmin Adventures in the process. This is the social/trip sharing platform that we gave you a sneak peek at last month. Here is how they describe it:

With Garmin Adventures you’ll get a free, interactive way to share your hikes, bike rides, road trips in car or motorcycle, dives and more. Using BaseCamp, you can combine track logs, waypoints, geotagged photos , YouTube® videos and more into an adventure that gets published online. Your photo’s and videos are either automatically placed on the map (when geotagged) or you can manually place them in the area you took them. You can then easily email a link to your adventure to friends and family, share it on social media sites or even post it in your favorite forums. BaseCamp even makes it easy to follow in the footsteps of other travelers by allowing you to search for and download adventures right to your compatible GPS device. Using BaseCamp will also allow you to leave comments on other’s adventures and even rate them. Do you think you have an adventure worth Five Stars? Download or update BaseCamp today, and turn your journeys into real Garmin Adventures!

Notably, they are also including something called BaseStation in the update, which they say allows you to “turn your laptop into a field command center for tracking multiple dogs and/or buddies (other Rino, Astro and Alpha GPS users). BaseStation allows you to view real-time GPS information, all on the larger display of your computer, with a compatible device serving as a router/antenna.”

If you post an adventure, drop a link to it in the comments so we can check it out. Here is a list of a few they shared with me this morning:

Here’s the full blog post announcing it.

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  1. Had to rebuild this one a few bugs when I was using a previous beta – it wasn’t transferring all the images onto the device. Now this works like a charm on the map62

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