Sunday, March 18, 2012

My new favorite bike mount

It’s been awhile since I addressed handheld GPS bike mounts (apart from some photos), and my thoughts have changed a bit over the years, so it seems like a good time to revisit it. Basically, I now prefer the standard Garmin bike mount which fits the newer eTrex, Oregon, Dakota and 62/78 series, over my previous favorite RAM mounts. The Garmin mounts work very well, and I appreciate their low profile, low cost, and the fact that I can use them with several different models.

Installing the Garmin bike mount

Since the mount uses zip ties, it’s easy to end up with them too loose, resulting in the GPS flopping around. Not good! Here are some tips to help you avoid this:

  • You can place a rubber bushing under it, like the sort that comes with many bike mounts (a piece of inner tube works too); I don’t find this necessary, and I do ride a lot of technical singletrack, but there are plenty of folks who ride more aggressively and your experience may differ
  • Once you get the mount and zip ties in place and hand tight, grab the protruding zip tie end with pliers; now hold a flat screwdriver against the base/slot of the zip tie and pull it as tight as you can

Mounting the unit

It’s possible to slide the unit onto the mount incorrectly, with only one “rail” sliding into the mount, so be careful. You should feel or hear a soft click when the unit is fully secured. Once in place, you must press down on the tab at the base of the mount to slide the unit off. I find it pretty bombproof, and have never had a unit come off this mount.

Sources for the Garmin bike mount

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  1. Rick Howard says:

    You know, I am guilty of not even trying Garmin mounts, even when they come free with a GPS. I am so hooked on RAM mounts, I immediately order one of their mounts at the same time I purchase a new GPS. I have so many RAM components laying around, I could become a dealer for them. Maybe I should reconsider my choices and give Garmin a chance now and then.

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