Sunday, March 18, 2012

Motorcycle-friendly TomTom RIDER 5 clears FCC

TomTom RIDER 5

Sneak peek at the forthcoming TomTom RIDER 5 for motorcycles

After nearly three years, it looks like TomTom will be getting back into the motorcycle market with the TomTom RIDER 5. And if I’m not mistaken, it’s been even longer since the US saw a RIDER unit, with the last one being the RIDER 2, introduced in 2007.

If the draft manual is any indication, the RIDER 5 will feature a RAM mount and Bluetooth for hands free calling and the ability to hear directions via a compatible helmet or headset.

A couple of other interesting features – one is a slider that gradates routing preferences between major highways and winding roads. The other is the fact that the RIDER comes with the third-party Tyre route management tool (which unfortunately remains Windows only).

Feel free to hit up the FCC link for more info, but be forewarned that it may throw a security certificate warning.

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