Sunday, March 18, 2012

New TomTom RIDER for motorcycles

TomTom-RIDER-5The new fifth generation TomTom Rider for motorcycles is coming to the US. The most interesting new features are a larger 4.3″ glove-friendly screen, a “winding roads” feature to give you the curviest ride, and route management with Tyre or via a new “Upload Routes and Go” capability that will allow you to save online routes to the device. The Rider also includes Bluetooth for sending audio instructions to your helmet.  read more

Motorcycle-friendly TomTom RIDER 5 clears FCC

TomTom RIDER 5

Sneak peek at the forthcoming TomTom RIDER 5 for motorcycles

After nearly three years, it looks like TomTom will be getting back into the motorcycle market with the TomTom RIDER 5. And if I’m not mistaken, it’s been even longer since the US saw a RIDER unit, with the last one being the RIDER 2, introduced in 2007. read more