Sunday, March 18, 2012

TomTom to undercut Garmin in motorcycle market

Garmin zumo vs. TomTom RIDERBikers have long complained about the high-price of Garmin zumo units – the cheapest current model, the 3.5″ zumo 220 lists for $399.99. Want a 4.3″ screen? Those start at $649.99!

Enter the new 4.3″ TomTom RIDER with its cool “winding roads” feature. A sharp-eyed reader pointed out that the £329.99 list price translates into around $500 USD, yet information provided by TomTom USA cites a $299 price point:

The TomTom Rider will be available this Spring with an MSRP of $299 at select retailers.

It appears that TomTom is going to try and undercut Garmin’s price in the US, but keep it high in Europe where they have greater market share. So for all you bikers out there – have you been holding off getting a zumo due to price? Are you interested in a TomTom RIDER?

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