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Why I love Eneloop batteries

Eneloop rechargeable batterySimply put – Eneloop batteries are awesome. If you’re a user of handheld GPS units, I highly recommend that you check out these rechargeable NiMH batteries which feature a low self-discharge rate. That means you can charge them and put them in a drawer, and they’ll retain 85% of their power for a year and 75% for three years. Apple thinks highly enough of them to rebrand Eneloops as their own, and come on – how many batteries have their own Wikipedia page

I keep an extra set in my pack for when I need to swap out batteries on the trail – I don’t have to worry about whether or not they are charged and I don’t have the waste, expense and environmental guilt of disposable AAs.

If you decide to grab some, don’t forget to pick up a charger. Here is an Eneloop FAQ if you want to dig into some more details.

Your turn

Do you use rechargeable batteries? Eneloops or some other type? What has your experience been like?

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  1. Wade Franklin says:

    I’m using GP ReCycko rechargables in my Garmin 60cx and the battery life is fantastic. I think they’re pretty much identical to the Eneloops. I carry a pair of Rayovac alkaline for spares, but hardly ever need them.

  2. I use Duracell rechargeable. Almost everything that uses batteries in my house are AA and I bought several of the batteries so I can always have charged batteries when needed. It’s so nice not to have to run out to the store to buy more when the regular batteries died. They may cost more but in the long run save money.

  3. I do love my Eneloops, i use them for everything. Costco has then cheap [ish] every once in awhile. I even use them in my remotes [TV, SAT, DVR etc.]
    they are great

  4. Was this a sponsored post? Reads a lot like one!

    I strongly recommend reading NLee the Engineer’s reviews at Amazon. A lot of the reviews are of LSD batteries and chargers. And like a proper engineer they use various tools (and time) to measure discharge rates, actual capacities etc. You’ll also find things like the difference between different generations of eneloop, and good advice on chargers.

    • BTW the blogging software for these comments has mangled the URL that link goes to in an erroneous attempt to add an affiliate code. You’ll need to copy the text and paste it into a URL bar.

    • It is not a sponsored post – I don’t do those. Guess it does sound pretty enthusiastic though, huh?

      Sorry about the automated link screwup; hopefully this will work…

      NLee the Engineer’s reviews at Amazon

      • Nope that link has been mangled too. The only link that works is the text shown in my original posting. If you click on the link then it has been mangled to something that is completely different, considerably shorter and and invalid page. It has done exactly the mangling to the link you give.

  5. Atlas Cached says:

    My Oregon 550t came with a set of eneloops, and when I wanted more for my other devices, the best I could find at the time were Duracells, which have served my well. I’ve read reports that the 2000mAh Duracells with white tops/bottoms are actually repackaged eneloops, and I have a few of those also. Not sure if they are, or not, but they all work well.

    The Duracell chargers come preloaded with lower capacity 1700mAh batteries, but they have higher capacity 2650mAh batteries available separately, which I purchased and use with my GPSr regularly.

  6. Jon Henderson says:

    Another very satisfied Eneloop user. I’ve had a couple of sets for over a year now and they’re used almost daily in my Etrex 20. Easily last for 3 to 4 days of hiking.

  7. I’m a big fan of nose as well!

    Neither link on this page works btw

    • Don’t click the link (right or left). Instead copy the text shown and paste that into a url bar.

      The blog is using some software that changes all Amazon links so they insert an affiliate code for “httpmakeyocom-20”. In this case it gets the change completely wrong breaking the original link.

      I’ve used Google’s link shortener to make which may be bypassed by the link mangler

      • Sorry Roger. I typically code Amazon links myself. The affiliate sales are the only way I can justify the time it takes to run the site although that is getting more tenuous all the time. I never used automated plugins for this until recently, when I put one in that would change Amazon .com links to .ca, .uk, etc. when a reader is outside the US. But it will insert my US ID in anywhere they have been left out. Thanks for posting the link.

  8. Rich,

    What is the best store or outlet to buy these?

    Great info, thanks a bunch.


  9. Stupid autocorrect I meant NLEE! !!

  10. I’m glad you wrote this post! I just pulled the trigger on a new etrex 30 and wanted to get some rechargeable batteries at the same time so I did some research and also came up with eneloops as the top choice. Some amazon comments suggested the eneloop chargers were not ideal(though not bad) and one in particular thatsuggest a specific Sony charger that was not only cheaper, but able to charge AA and AAA batteries at the same time and as a single cell. The packaging says differently so I’m going to look into it further. Not a deal breaker, but i’ll report back with my personal experiences.

    • I know there are better chargers out there, but many require more attention too. I prefer something I don’t have to think about much. My Eneloop charger does AA and AAAs, although it took a bit of head scratching to figure out how to do the latter the first time!

      Please do report back and let us know what you think.

  11. I don’t use Eneloops although Rich has recommended them to me several times. I did some research for a presentation I did on GeoGearHeads and I learned a lot about low self discharge batteries. LSD is the only way to go. Regular NiMH lose 1% of their power per day. Many times I’ve replaced batteries in my GPSr only to find them last for less than an hour. I really should listen to Rich and start using Eneloops. One saveat about Eneloops: use an approved charger or your battery’s live will be drastically shortened.

    I linked to the video from the podcast.

  12. Will a goal zero recharger charge these batteries?

  13. has proven an honest and economical supplier which stands behind its products and ships without delay. A number of years back Thomas recommended that I purchase eneloop, but the last time I ordered (a year or more ago) the recommendation was imedion, for a lower self-discharge rate.

    The MAHA MH-C401FS charger has an advanced algorithm, SLOW/FAST charge selector switch, and ships with two power cables; one plugs into an automotive 12V cigarette lighter socket; the other has a 120Vac power supply.

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