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Garmin nuvi Advanced series models with HD traffic coming soon?

Garmin nuvi 2598LMTHD

Coming soon?

It looks like Garmin may be getting ready to roll out some Advanced series nuvi models bundled with the GTM-60 HD traffic receiver. While I’m not seeing them for sale anywhere yet, the new models are shown on Garmin’s site:

They are showing 1-3 day order processing time, but alas, there are no prices or add to cart buttons. We could see these roll out in the next few weeks, or it may be closer to the holiday season before they become available.

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  1. rudy cefaratti says:

    i need to update my lifetime garmin

  2. According to their updated website the new nuvi 2598lmthd will cost $319, there was a price, but they just erased it. If the price is correct it looks pretty high to me.

    I asked a customer service representative about this device and this is the answer they gave me:
    ” The nuvi 2598LMTHD is a device sold in Canada only. The nuvi 2597LMTHD is the US version. You can purchase this device at most electronic stores in the US or online.”

    I don’t know what should I think about their inconsistent answer compare to what they show on their website.

    • Hi Rich – it looks like Garmin posted the prices for the nuvi XX98-LMT series on their site. They are asking $319 for the nuvi 2598. For what it’s worth, QVC is selling the same model (as far as I can tell from their site and confirmed when called and spoke with an agent) for only $219 — a great bargain in my book.

      I appreciate the website and the great information. You are my first place to go when I need info on GPS devices. Well done!


    • It is my understanding that the 2xx8 series is coming to the US.

    • This device (2598LMTHD) is sold in the US. Cost has it priced at $169.99. Big difference compared to

  3. So, I’m looking at the 2598LMTHD and the 3597LMTHD. My question: why would I pay $10 dollars less for the mid-level GPS when for $329 I could get the top-line Prestige model? I’m new to Garmin and plan to get one soon. Am I missing something here?


  4. 2558LMTHD is selling at costco in Columbus for $169 & the 2598LMTHD is selling for $179. Not sure what the difference is but both look like great deals.

    • I believe they are very comparable. The only differences I am aware of are the 2558 has PhotoReal junctions (so you can see what the junction actually looks like; instead of an illustration) and Bird’s Eye View while the 2598 has voice activated searches and such. Other than that, they have basically the same features.

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