Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin nuvi Advanced series models with HD traffic coming soon?

Garmin nuvi 2598LMTHD

Coming soon?

It looks like Garmin may be getting ready to roll out some Advanced series nuvi models bundled with the GTM-60 HD traffic receiver. While I’m not seeing them for sale anywhere yet, the new models are shown on Garmin’s site: read more

How to get ad-free traffic on your Garmin nuvi

Most people seem to tolerate Garmin’s ad-supported traffic pretty well, and consider it a fair trade in exchange for free lifetime traffic. While it’s true that the ads aren’t very intrusive, some folks are really bugged by them, so let’s look at ways to avoid the ads:

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HD Traffic comes to US with Tom Tom GO 2535 M LIVE

TomTom GO 2505 M LIVE

UPDATE: It looks like they’ve changed the model number on this one from the 2505 M LIVE to the 2535 M LIVE.

UPDATE 2: Read my hands on review of the TomTom GO 2535M LIVE.

TomTom is finally bringing HD Traffic to the US with the TomTom GO 2505 M LIVE. The company claims this is a killer app, a game changer. Why? They say that three things make it better than current live traffic options:

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