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Garmin tactix – A SWATwatch

Garmin tactix SWAT watch

Garmin has announced the tactix, a GPS watch “inspired by the requirements of Law Enforcement and Police Special Operations.” The ABC watch features an altimeter, barometer and triaxial compass, is waterproof to 50 meters and can run up to 50 hours in UltraTrac mode on a single charge (16 hours in full GPS mode).

It’s hard not to dub the tactix a SWATwatch:

It comes preloaded with tide data (U.S. units only) and Jumpmaster software, which could prove invaluable for amphibious and airborne operations. It has a stealth, matte black design with a curved lens and green backlight, so it won’t flare out with night vision devices or compromise the user’s position.

Designed for hands free use, it seems to be targeted towards both military and civilian personnel, including police and search and rescue. The tactix is both ruggedized and stealthy:

It combines a strong housing with a forged stainless steel rear case to survive shock and impact, and has a scratch-resistant, curved mineral glass lens that reduces “hot spots” from sun reflections. tactix features a large LCD display with a negative mode liquid crystal display for low light conditions.

The watch can display several time zones simultaneously, including military and zulu time. Similarly, it can display two position coordinate formats at once, so users can view their current location in multiple formats, such as latitude/longitude and MGRS (military grid reference system).

Garmin tactix dual coordinate dispaly

The tactix can display two sets of coordinates simulatenously

The tactix offers both ANT+ and Bluetooth capabilities for wireless data sharing and compatibility with a wide range of sensors, and can be used as a remote control for the new Garmin VIRB action camera. It is slated to be available this fall at an MSRP of $449.99. UPDATE: Here’s the full news release.

Garmin tactix image

Another view of the Garmin tactix

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  1. Does it have a cloaking mode – so that my wife cannot detect I’ve just purchased another gadget?

  2. Can the tactix watch give the military co-ordinates (eight fig grid ref) in Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan and in Australia?

  3. No Brother Rich! the Tactix is said to have it but if anyone has physically tried getting military grid reference in Spore?. What happened is; my friends (10 of them all in special force) purchased this Sunnto Ambit-2 without doing the research and are regretting cause it cannot give military grid referecne in spore, although it was perfect in Australia.

  4. All I can suggest is to buy from some place that will let you try it out or that has a good return policy.

  5. Bhumi, Garmin tactix watch allows user to set position format according to the location they are in. With the correct setting ie MGRS, local datum you would be able to read off correct grid. What I always do before I decide to purchase gadgets is to always download user manual off the web and read it. Should be able to make sound decision after knowing full product capability thru its user manual.

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