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UPDATED: 2014 Garmin nuvis include 5, 6, 7″ models, backup camera and lower prices

7 inch Garmin nüvi 2798LMT with wireless backup camera

The 7″ Garmin nuvi 2798LMT comes with a wireless backup camera

UPDATE: I’ve added links to the product pages on Garmin’s website.

Garmin has announced their 2014 nuvi Essential series, featuring 5″ and 6″ models, a 7″ nuvi 2798LMT with a wireless backup camera, and lower prices.

If the images above and below look familiar, they should. They look just like the 2013 Essential series. Instead of new features, Garmin appears to be focusing on lower prices, a new 6″ model line, and wireless backup camera compatibility.

2014 Essential series bring 5″ & 6″ screens, lower prices

The 5″ and 6″ models are part of the Essential series line which features…

…premium functionalities that were previously only available in the Advanced Series. New to the Essential Series are lifetime traffic avoidance on select models, School Zone Warnings, a quick search field to easily find addresses and points of interest (POIs), and Up Ahead, a feature that shows a continuous stream of points of interest next to the map view.

List prices will range from $129.99 to $209.99.

Garmin 2014 nüvi Essential Series

The 2014 Garmin nüvi Essential Series

Here’s the model breakdown (LM models offer lifetime maps; LMT models offer lifetime traffic and maps):

Model Screen size Maps MSRP
 nuvi 55 5″  49 states  $129.99
 nuvi 55LM 5″  49 states  $159.99
 nuvi 55LMT 5″  49 states  $179.99
 nuvi 56 5″  US+Canada  $139.99
 nuvi 56LM 5″  US+Canada  $169.99
 nuvi 56LMT 5″  US+Canada  $189.99
 nuvi 65LM 6″  49 states  $179.99
 nuvi 65LMT 6″  49 states  $199.99
 nuvi 66LM 6″  US+Canada  $189.99
 nuvi 66LMT 6″  US+Canada  $209.99

The 2014 Essential series feature set appears similar to the 2013 Advanced series, but we don’t know yet if there will be models that include voice command, active lane guidance, etc. But the 2798LMT does have them…

7″ nuvi 2798LMT features wireless backup camera and advanced features

The 7″ nuvi 2798LMT will include advanced features such as voice command, Garmin Real Directions and active lane guidance. Regarding the BC20 wireless backup camera, Garmin says it…

…is rugged enough to withstand even the harshest of weather and can be mounted on the rear of the vehicle (professional installation recommended). If the camera is wired to the reverse lights for power, the navigator can automatically display the live camera feed every time the vehicle is shifted into reverse (and back to navigation mode when shifted into a forward gear.). A simple button press will toggle between camera and navigation modes if the camera is plugged into constant power.

The MSRP is $399.99.

Coming in February

All the new models are expected to be available next month. I’ll update this post with more details as the become available.

What do you think? Does anything you’ve read here interest you?

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  1. All this interests me. The prices of all these electronic wizardry items has really gone down. I guess that’s the reason many cars are installing B/U cameras as standard equipment even on the base models.

  2. Pythagoras says:

    Sorry if this is a dumb question: will these come with a different or new mounting system?

  3. Rich this is a great 2014 update. All very interesting.
    Have you ever tested the Garmin rear-view mirror mount? When the camper is on the truck the mirror isn’t needed. Wondering how strong the mirrors are attached will they take the weight of the RV760LMT? Have you heard if the RV760 price is lowering at all this spring?

    Your video on the air vent mount was good. On my GMC truck the vents move independently of each other much easier to attach and move about than your Honda.
    Thanks in advance

    • Do you mean the RAM mount? Regardless, I haven’t tested any rear view mirror mounts. I don’t foresee much of a price drop on the RV 7600LMT anytime soon. Glad you liked the air vent video!

  4. One other comment. The 2798LMT runs around $400 with backup camera. The RV760LMT with backup camera $529. Specs are very similar other than the RV has camper useful info. Any thoughts on the difference.
    Garmin seems now to be calling the RV760LMT , nuvi760.

  5. Rich I did mean the Ram mount sold by GPS City. Seemed like a good option but after watching your video on the air vent mount, it is probably a better system.


  6. I asked GPS City about the 2798 software. With a camper and truck much of the info on the RV760 isn’t needed. It looks like the items I would like are all in the 2798 for a lot less $.

    “The RV points of interest will be in the Nuvi 2798LMT but will not have the icon for them making them easier to access.
    The RV Campgrounds will be listed under the Lodging category and the RV Services will be found in a general search.”

  7. Any word on 6 or 7″ Prestige model?

  8. I was wondering…i have a 5″ Prestige that appears to have a solid glass face. The 2797/98 model with 7″ these are plastic faced or glass also?

  9. Thanks for the info. Is lane assist with junction view much different from active lane guidance? Trying to decide btn nuvi 55LMT and nuvi 2557LMT.

  10. Yes, this is what active lane guidance looks like, but coverage may not be that widespread yet…

  11. Trying to decide whether to go with the new model 55LMT for $180, or the year-old 2557LMT/2597LMT which are both around $160 now. Can’t seem to find any reviews on the 55LMT. Any thoughts? This will be my first GPS to use on long vacation trips south and east.

  12. Luis Amaral says:

    Has anyone been able to confirm from Garmin if traffictrends is being dropped altogether or just for the 2014 year models?
    I noticed in the garmins website that it lists the 2014 essential models as not being compatible with traffictrends.

    I was hoping that Garmin would improve it not abandon it as for some people like me its the only thing close to “traffic reporting” as possible.

    • It has never been part of the Essential series. I guess we’ll need to wait for a new Advanced or Prestige series model to see if it is still available.

  13. Hey Rich:
    Wondering if you will have a chance to do a report on the Nuvi 2798LMT? Really curious on your opinion of the back up camera picture quality.

    thanks in advance

  14. Do think it is worth waiting around to see if there is an update to the PRESTIGE series ?
    I have an old 1690
    Wait or pull the trigger 3597?

  15. kuriakose ittan says:

    I want to buy a garmin auto gps with power mount. what are the models available in the market?

  16. Rich I finally picked up a 2798LMT. Man do I like the bigger screen for my weaker eyes. Have it attached to my truck with the GPS City air vent mount. The mount claws were too short to reach the back of the slots on the air vent but a zap strap fixed that. I’ve been going through your previous email responses re the best program to download data from Garmin. Sorry to ask but do you recall which of your many links has the info? For now using the Garmin software.
    Once again I could never have sorted out which GPS unit to buy without your website.


  17. Just got back from a road trip with the new 2798LMT. It was great, clear, easy to operate in all ways. Only bummer I am having a time getting the backup camera to work. Garmin replaced the first unit, camera worked fine on a quick test while on the road but not when I hooked it up the same way at it home. Wondering if you have heard anyone else with issues or if your 2798LMT has arrived for testing. They come with easy to understand instructions and are pretty much idiot proof. So not sure what that makes me.

  18. Michael Vanslager says:

    I work and live in Taiwan. I have 2 Garmins now. My 1st 1 has Taiwan maps only. My 2nd 1, also has Taiwan maps, but, when I went to Shanghai, I went to the Garmin office and had them install all of China into my 2nd GPS. I want to buy a 2014 model, that has Taiwan and China. Is this possible, or do I a have to but a SD card for the China maps?

    Thank you,

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