Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin Smart Notifications coming to Android

Garmin's Smart Notifications feature coming to Android

Garmin’s Smart Notifications feature coming to Android

In case you missed it, Garmin’s news release this morning for their new golf units included this tidbit…

The Approach G7 and G8 also have the new Smart Notification functionality, so users can pair a compatible iPhone 4S or later and receive emails, texts and call alerts right on the device. Android compatibility expected Q2 2014.

Yes, Android users rejoice! This is a feature I’ve been looking forward to and have written about ad nauseum, but in case you missed those tirades, here’s the scenario: I’m out mountain biking, with my phone safely stowed in a padded case in my hydration pack. I crest a hill, get cell reception, and hear a notification tone. Is it something I can ignore or is it an urgent message? With this feature I won’t have to stop, open up my pack and dig out my phone just to find out that it’s something that can wait.

Now not all Android phones will work with this. You’ll likely need one that has Bluetooth LE and is running Android version 4.3+.

What do you think? Does this interest you or do you want to stay as disconnected as possible when  on the trail?

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  1. And I would assume (or hope) this would apply to Fenix at some point too? If so, SOLD!!

  2. Craig Morrison says:

    Rich, do you anticipate that this feature would be extended to the Oregon 6XX line?

    • I think there is a good chance it will be extended to all Garmins with Bluetooth 4.0 support, which includes the Oregon 6xx line.

      • I hope so! that would be a great enhancement. I frankly find the bluetooth on Oregon 6xx largely useless at the moment. This would go a long ways. So would support for garmin connect mobile so I could upload to GC on the go sans laptop.

  3. Even though I relish in being disconnected, I regret to say I might actually come to like the notifications… at times. One can always disable the bluetooth when out for solitude.

    I would be quite surprised if the Oregon 6xx series didn’t follow suit via firmware upgrade. Garmin seems to be getting on the ball with the whole smartphone connectivity angle. Based on my experience with the Monterra, I think they’re better off “connecting to” rather than “emulating”.

  4. Lost Hiker says:

    If the Garmin GPSMap 64st will be made Android Compatible, what is a person to do if they have an Android device that only has Android 4.1.2? Some smartphones / wireless carriers have no plans for updating from Android 4.1.2. Thank you very much.

  5. Hi Rich,

    the smart notification is nog live for Fenix , Fenix2 , approach S6 .
    in combination with garmin connect mobile app.

    for images:

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