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Garmin fenix 2 announced

Garmin fenix 2Garmin is updating their fenix backcountry sportswatch with the fenix 2. This new model adds multi-sport training capabilities, advanced running dynamics, smart notifications and dedicated training modes for skiing and swimming.

Advanced running dynamics

Recently introduced on the Forerunner 620, this feature allows you to estimate VO2 max and calculate recovery time, letting you know how long to rest before your next hard run.
The fenix 2 is compatible with Garmin’s new HRM-Run heart rate monitor, which helps measure cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time. A built-in accelerometer lets you track pace and distance indoors without a footpod.

Smart Notifications

iPhone 4s+ users will be able to receive email, call or text notifications on the screen of their fenix 2.
The Bluetooth Smart (4.0) device offers wireless uploads to Garmin Connect via the Garmin Connect Mobile app as well as Live Track capabilities.

New activity profiles

New profiles include Ski-Board, XC Ski and swim modes. Ski-Board mode includes an auto-pause function, to pause time and distance when standing still or riding the lifts, and auto-run detection to segregate data for each run. Swim mode can record stroke count, interval distance, pace and time, and offers lengths and stroke type detection for indoor swims.
Garmin fenix 2 data fields

Strap extender

The fenix 2 comes with a strap extender, allowing you to wear it outside your jacket.

Made for the outdoors

Like the first generation model, the fenix is an ABC (altimeter, barometer, compass) sportswatch designed with outdoor navigation in mind.

The fenix 2 vs the Forerunner 910XT

Given this watch’s multi-sport prowess, I have to wonder how it will compete with the Forerunner 910XT.


The fenix 2 is slated to be available next month. It will list for of $399.99 with an HRM-Run bundle priced at $449.99.

Garmin fenix 2 multisport

UPDATE: Here’s the full news release.

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  1. The most important feature I would like to see on this model may not be revealed after the first real life reviews : the normal time for the first fix. this is one issue I am still not very satisfied with the original fenix. Also I notice no Android compatibility is stated, I hope this could change.

    • Re: Android, it’s a little worrisome that Garmin recently said smart notifications were coming to Android, but then didn’t mention it in the fenix 2 news release.

      • They just released Garmin Connect Mobile 2.01 Android app and any moment now they’ll be releasing 2.02 that will fully support Android 4.3 devices connecting to fenix1/2 via Bluetooth Smart (BLE).

        Think they didn’t mention it in f2, because many f1 android users felt misled by Garmin as f1 release mentioned “smartphones” and not just iphones, so android users had “real” high expectations based on that announcement.

        • Still no BaseCamp app though.

          • True. Definitely would make the watch less useful and harder to use. Hopefully, Garmin will get their act together; based on looking at their forums, it just seems they are overwhelmed with fixing bugs on all their watches. Why don’t they simply hire more people to handle that? I’m planning on holding off until bugs are fixed. Don’t have the patience to deal with a buggy watch. Will you be doing a review of this watch?

          • I’m not sure if I will or not.

          • Perhaps you might consider only addressing hiking aspects of the watch, and how it works with other Garmin outdoor devices, as it’s generally not well covered in most, if not all other reviews which tend to focus more on the fitness side of the watch.

          • Have you seen my review of the original fenix?…

        • No I hadn’t. Great review. It’s definitely more geared towards the kind of hiking side of things, which were missing in other reviews. Now, I see what you mean, if perhaps, there’s not much difference between the original one and the new one, then, there’s not much to review, I suppose. Have enjoyed looking through your site and will continue to look for the helpful stuff you have here, like the tip on Eneloop batteries that can last 3 yrs. Thks!

    • Based on the Garmin forums, they finally fixed that on both fenix1/2. Frankly, the lack of an Android app and fast gps fix is the only thing that kept me from buying the fenix. Now, I’m waiting to read the reviews that those features actually do work, before placing my fenix2 order.

  2. Jose: This looks promising from the press release: “Also through Garmin Connect, users will be able to download the next seven days of predicted satellite data, to ensure the fastest possible satellite acquisition.”

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