Sunday, March 18, 2012

TomTom Continues to Expand Business

tomtom-logo_1It wasn’t too long ago that TomTom was THE name in GPS. If you had a dedicated GPS unit in your car, it was probably a TomTom. And, while TomTom is not quite as popular as they once were, it seems they aren’t planning on going anywhere. Today TomTom has announced that their TomTom Telematics unit has had a 47% year-on-year growth, with more than 30,000 customers, 400,000 vehicles and 395,000 subscriptions to their fleet management vehicle tracking software in Europe. That’s a lot of big numbers. If you look at their second quarter report, you’ll see what that really means is that TomTom may not have the majority of users in the dedicated GPS units market anymore, but they aren’t backing out of the GPS world either.

It seems sometimes like this website is particularly dedicated to Garmin, because we write about what people use and what they want to know. And if the top ten ratings on GPS units on ANY website are any indication, then Garmin is currently the top. But TomTom has been making quiet improvements in the background during the last few weeks like expanding their Traffic to Turkey, adding new languages and map coverage across the globe, conducting research and analysis on worldwide traffic conditions, expanding their sport GPS watches to 26 countries, installing their mapping system in smart cars and constantly improving their overall map base and information.

So, for all TomTom fans out there, keep your eyes open. We expect big things from this company in the next few years.

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