Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin Connect Update Adds Third-Party Compatibility

Garmin Connect refresh

Fans of Garmin’s GPS-powered cycling and running devices rejoice! Garmin has announced their popular web-based Garmin Connect will get an update soon that will allow users to seamlessly sync their data with other third-party fitness applications and websites. Currently, it is only compatible site is Strava, but support to sync to MapMyFitness (including MapMyRun and MapMyRide) and Endomondo will be coming soon. Garmin stated they are working on additional partnerships with third-party sites to increase user experience.

With this update, users will be able to link their Garmin Connect account to their Strava (and others when compatibility testing is complete) so that activity data collected by Garmin and previously only available via Garmin Connect will now be viewable on Strava immediately after the data has been uploaded to Garmin Connect. While Garmin Connect has a plethora of fantastic features and got an exciting overhaul in January, this expanded compatibility will no doubt help Garmin stay ahead in the fitness market and help cyclists, joggers and sports enthusiasts stay on top of their stats.



  1. When??? 8/20/14 and it still won’t sync w/ My Fitness Pal… good idea, wish it would work…

    • Right now, I believe only Strava is supported, with Endomondo and MapMyFitness coming ‘soon.’ I didn’t see any dates about My Fitness Pal, so I’m not sure if they are working towards that or not.

  2. Neil Ferris says:

    Love to sync with iPhone 10S8 Health and Runkeeper ??

  3. This works with now too.

  4. Peter McDonnell says:

    Well. Hmmm? I was extremely happy with my vivofit. So much so I bought another two for my family members. I was using my fitnesspal and it was syncing beautifully, I was losing weight. I fell off the wagon after my birthday in end of November through Christmas and now I’m getting back on the wagon to lose that Christmas weight. Whoops! now low and behold it no longer works, will not sync to myfitnesspal. Way to ruin my world Garmin. I can understand it maybe not working with a new third party app but to stop it working with an existing previously working app is ludicrous and I DON’T mean the rapper. Has Garmin had a falling out with myfitnesspal? This has pretty much made all three of much purchases useless to me and I forked out considerable money over the three devices. I was going to by fitbits but was convinced how much better the vivofit was. So will there be a fix? And when? or suggest to me an app that does exactly what myfitnesspal was doing i.e. logging calories, weight loss, step counting. I need to find an app asap because if my garmins are now useless I ‘ll be screaming to the high heavens ill favour to the whole Garmin family.

    • Peter McDonnell says:

      Tried looking at the three apps Garmin is said to sync to. Mapmyfitness was just a mess to navigate and persistently sent me mail to win a new iphone as long as I subscribe to a very expensive $6.60/sms 3 per week competition line. The others were really only good for mapping runs walks or cycling. The Endomondo had me on 3500 calories daily!! i’m trying to lose weight numbnuts! Myfitnesspal is 1500 cals for a 1kg/week loss. And terrible to navigate. Strava is just cycling really. None really helpful replacements for what I had Garmin, not at all. The only work around I have, which is tedious is to subtract the calorie count of 1500 daily from my synced calories on the connect app and manually input them under cardiovascular exercise ( create an exercise, then you can find it under my exercises. Call it Add Calories. Time 1 min then adjust calories to whatever. ) If your not just doing it at the end of the day and want to see what calories you have left to consume through the day just do a sync, add calories but be sure next time you sync and add be sure to delete the previous exercise. ( just drag finger right to left and select delete). This will have to suffice for me until Garmin fix this issue. I’m one of hundreds, possibly thousands of your consumers having this issue Garmin. Get on it. Quick.

  5. Ya I was wonder about My Fitness pal too, as it IS listed as a 3rd part app. I too remember that I used to have a link with it a couple years ago, as Peter McDonnell was asking . if it’s not a 3rd party app then then why is my Garmin Connect saying it’s is a one of the 3rd part apps. My Garmin connect for my Vivosmart HR+ shows Microsoft office 365 but why in the heck would I want to use it???? then it also lists MyFitnessPal and Strava what the heck is Strava and what does it do? never heard of it.

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