Sunday, March 18, 2012

GPS Tracking App Helps Veterans



In the wake of social GPS apps like Tinder and Grindr, two veterans have created an app designed to help veterans locate and contact other veterans they served with or veterans simply in the same area. Dubbed Position Report or POS REP for short, the app is designed to prevent returning veterans from feeling alone and without resources. The app is available for iPhone with Android support coming soon. There are no plans for a desktop version. In addition, the app is restricted to veterans–not veteran supporters or civilians.

Takepart reports that the app was created by veterans Jake Wood and Anthony Allman after the suicide of a fellow veteran suffering from PTSD in Texas.

POS REP doesn’t show veteran’s exact location for privacy reasons (unless they send out a ‘flare’ to check in somewhere), but instead is designed to show the general vicinity of nearby users as well as other veteran resources and activities to help them adjust to civilian life.

The app is still pretty new and doesn’t have nationwide coverage yet, but the idea is an excellent one and hopefully will kick off a string of networks for our returning soldiers.

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