Sunday, March 18, 2012

GPS Jamming Detector Testing Successful

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A new GPS jamming detector has completed a series of tests in the U.K., successfully detecting and locating both stationary and moving jammers in a variety of environments. The Signal Sentry 1000 was developed by U.K. based company Exelis and was tested by the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory last month.

The creation and development of the Signal Sentry 1000 was prompted by the prevalence and accessibility of GPS spoofing devices via the internet and other sources. Such devices can be acquired for relatively low-costs, increasing the risks associated with signal disruption and corruption.

“Protecting critical GPS infrastructure is extremely important for public safety,” said Mark Pisani, vice president and general manager of positioning, navigation and timing for Exelis. “With Signal Sentry, we can identify a jammer located in a moving vehicle up to 10-meter (32.8 feet) accuracy.”

The Signal Sentry 1000 is designed to work with the U.S. GPS system and dates for actual release have not been set. The device has, however, been showcased at the ION CNSS+ conference in Tampa, Fla. all this week. While this device is actually designed primarily for commercial use, the technology will no doubt be scaled down to consumer products in the coming years.

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