Sunday, March 18, 2012

Michelin Geocaching Contest

michelin questBibendum, better known as the Michelin Man, has made his way inside of geocaches all over the country as part of a new Michelin Geocaching Contest launched last week. Now through December 31, 2014, the sight of the cheerful little white tire man could mean you score free tires, or even a vacation!

The contest started last week, when Michelin released 20 – 30 free trackable little Michelin men figurines to be stashed in geocaches across the country and challenged geocachers to find them. You can follow the Michelin Men latest movements on this page.

The Michelin Man trackable. Isn't he cute?

The Michelin Man trackable. Isn’t he cute?

When you find a Michelin Man Trackable (shown to the right) in a geocache, record your discovery with a unique picture that captures the “spirit of adventure” and, of course, the cute little Bibendum. Then share the photo to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the #MichelinQuest tag and your photo will show up on their website for judging. It’s that simple! (As a note, make sure that the photo can be seen by the public if posting to Facebook, or it won’t be judged.)

The top ten photos will win a set of Michelin tires and will be shared on Michelin’s official Facebook page. The photo that receives the most likes will win the grand prize of a vacation. The winner will be able to select between two paid vacations:

  • The first option is a fine dining experience at an exclusive gala to celebrate the release of the 2015 Michelin Red Guide in New York City, San Francisco or Chicago. The Michelin Red Guide has been the gold standard in fine dining since 1900.
  • The second option is to attend one of the inaugural Formula E races in Miami or Los Angeles. The Formula E series is the world’s first fully-electric racing series.

For full contest rules and more information, check out the Michelin Man Adventure Contest site.


  1. I wasn’t one who was lucky enough to get a Michelin Man trackable, but according to the rules for those who DID get one, they are suppose to release the MM TB into a cache and allow those who didn’t get one a fair chance at entering the contest and sharing in the fun of helping the MM travel through caches in the US. The problem I am coming across is that those who DID get one, don’t want to release the trackable so the rest of us can’t get a fair chance at entering the contest.

    When I’ve contacted the owners that live close to me asking them when they will release it the answers I’m getting back are that they don’t want to and/or don’t plan to because it may get lost and/or ppl don’t log them properly and/or steal them. There are a few that will take them to events and “show them off”, but they still aren’t releasing them to allow the rest of us a chance to use it as it was intended for entering the contest and/or sharing in the geocaching fun of moving the MM along.

    I understand this is a valid issue with trackables but The Michelin Man was for the purpose of entering your contest & not for those that were lucky enough to get one to hang on to it and not share it with the rest of us. After reading the official rules, I didn’t see any other way to enter your contest but to get your hands on a MM tire gauge.

    I’m not sure how this can be remedied, because simply asking those who did get one to release it is not going to work as I have found out already. This is frustrating to the rest of us and takes the fun out of the purpose of the MM TB, and not giving the rest of us a fair chance to enter the contest

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