Sunday, March 18, 2012

Unusual Gift Giving with GPS Adventure Box


They say that the real joy of gifts is giving them, not receiving them. But what if you could make opening a gift just as much fun as the actual gift itself? Now, with the successfully funded Kickstarter project, GPS Adventure Box, you can! Despite the slightly lame name, this clever little box would be a fun gift for just about anyone—not just GPS lovers.

This neat little box has a GPS chip and can be programmed with a series of coordinates and then locked with a gift inside. Before the locked box will open, recipients must take the box to the correct locations and press the button on top of the box to get the next clue. Once all of the coordinates have been visited, the box will unlock and the recipient can have their gift.

Here’s a video from the developer explaining it a little better:

Originally funded via Kickstarter, this project was completed in January 2014 and the box can now be ordered on the GPS Adventure Box website. If you’re more technically  minded, you can even order a DIY kit and make your own box to look like whatever you wish. Completed boxes retail for $200 while the DIY kit retails for $100. Once purchased, you can download instructions for the box or assembly on their website. The possibilities for use are endless, although I might be more tempted to do the DIY kit as it is not only cheaper, but you could make a much cooler box. But that’s just me.

While I know this isn’t the traditional sort of thing that we cover on this site, I couldn’t help but share it. The idea is so neat and could be used for dozens of things—it would make a pretty cool puzzle geocache a great trip down memory lane or even a group scavenger hunt for a party. Also, with October here the holidays aren’t too far behind and this might be a neat gift for a GPS enthusiast who has everything.

But what do you think? Is this something you’d like to receive or give?

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