Sunday, March 18, 2012

U.S. Refuses to Continue GLONASS Negotiations with Russia

GPS Block IIIA satellite

GPSWorld reported last week that the debate over building GLONASS stations on U.S. soil is continuing. Or, rather it isn’t, as the United States reportedly has refused to negotiate with Russia on this matter. As promised, Russia has disabled military use of the GPS stations on their soil while leaving the stations working for civilian use. They, of course, have not said how they accomplished it.

“I will not expand on how we did it for obvious reasons, but we did it,” said Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin in the article. “We do not want to cut off the nose to spite our face to deprive our users of the ability to work with GLONASS and GPS. Why should we create fewer opportunities for our own people? But we have completely destroyed any prospect, even an indirect one, for the use of the American navigation system for our high-precision guidance weapons.”

Previous articles from this spring, when the issue initially began indicated that the U.S. was concerned that Russia would use such stations for military purposes. Russia, of course, said that they had no intention of doing so. The U.S currently has 11 stations in Russia that were altered to be unusable for the military.

In the article, Russia indicated that they have been working closely with China on both space programs as well as GLONASS/Beidou stations.


  1. Pythagoras says:

    Russia is now moving missiles to the Ukrainian border. Maybe Putin would rather start a war than deal with the horrible economy and social problems.

    US shares way too much w Russia & China

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