Sunday, March 18, 2012

Geocaching CITO Weekend Announced


Nature is a precious thing and it saddens me to see how poorly some people care for it. We’ve only got one Earth, so doesn’t it make sense to protect it? I think that Geocachers in particular are more appreciative of the natural beauty and fragility of the environment, and has sponsored an international “Cache In, Trash Out” (CITO) event to help do their part.

Every year, thousands of geocachers attend CITO events year-round to help clean up the parks and areas around them and make everything a little better for everyone. At the end of April, will be organizing an international CITO event where geocachers can pick up trash, remove invasive species, repair trails and earn a sweet souvenir in the process!

The 13th Annual CITO event is scheduled for the weekend of April 25 and 26, and all geocachers are encouraged to take part! You can find a CITO Event near you by checking this CITO Event Calendar, or organize your own. Of course, has a bunch of CITO-approved gear designed specifically for these events, but regular trash bags would work just as well!

For more information about CITO events or to learn more about protecting the environment and how geocaching can help, visit this FAQ page. And, as always, happy hunting!

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