Sunday, March 18, 2012

TomTom Improves Worldwide Maps


TomTom is one of the leading mapmaking companies in the world, and its database covers more than 44 million kilometers of road and around 4.2 billion people–more than half of the world’s population. TomTom has fully navigable maps for around 126 countries, with more added every year.

Late last week, TomTom announced that it will be updating several maps around the world including pedestrian maps for several cities and more address points in Europe. The updates should be available soon. Here are the updates TomTom has released:

  • Launch of navigable, turn-by-turn maps for Albania and Senegal
  • Debut of Pedestrian Maps for Berlin, London, New York, San Francisco and Toronto. Pedestrian Maps have pedestrian-specific geometry such as footpaths, garden paths and other routes that are not accessible by car.
  • Introduction of Address Points to enable better geocoding and navigation in Andorra, Denmark, Hong Kong, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and Switzerland.
  • Addition of 10 million Address Points across Europe, bringing total regional coverage to 58 million.
  • Extension of Voice Maps to 30 million names and over 40 million phonetic transcriptions, resulting in an improved spoken navigation experience.

These updates all together will add up to more than half a million kilometers of roads worldwide. For more information, visit TomTom’s website.

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