Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kids GPS Watch Includes Geocaching Function


GPS Watches, be they for children or adults, are pretty much a dime a dozen. They’re all basically the same and provide pretty much the exact same functions usually at around the same price. And while AmbyGear does all the things you would expect from a kids GPS tracker/GPSwatch, it also has some other neat uses including games and some geocaching support.

Designed more like a smartwatch first and a GPS watch second, AmbyGear has all kinds of functions such as providing two way text messaging, downloadable educational games to improve skills and a calendar to help kids learn how to manage their time and stay on track.

geocachingambywatchThe watch also has a GPS chip that can help parents locate children and help children find their parents. With the accompanying app, parents can set up alerts and geofences and receive notifications if children wander outside of those boundaries. But really, most of that is pretty standard. What really caught my attention is that the watch is compatible with geocaching and can help kids get into this fun activity as well.

Currently, AmbyGear is searching for funding on Indiegogo with a flex funding campaign that is looking to raise $50,000 towards the production, certification and shipping processes. The campaign launched on March 3 and will run through the beginning of April, although the campaign is off to a rather slow start.

AmbyGear is expected to retail for around $130, which isn’t unreasonable for a watch that can do all these things. Although, as with all crowdfunding technology–especially those found on Indiegogo–some caution is warranted. This campaign is asking for flex funding, which means that whether or not the company actually meets the goals, all the money you pledge is gone, so be sure to weigh the pros and cons. Assuming this watch really does work the way it says it does, it wouldn’t be a bad price. Indiegogo early birds could land a watch for as much as $100.

For more information, check out AmbyGear’s website or skim through the Indiegogo campaign.

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