Sunday, March 18, 2012

World’s First Miniaturized Anti-Jamming Tech Demonstrated


We’ve talked some about GPS jamming and the problems that it can cause several times in this blog. While it doesn’t directly effect that kind of things that most of you use GPS for, it is still something to be aware of, as jamming is undoubtedly the biggest threat to the safe use of GPS. And, unfortunately, jamming a GPS signal is not only easy, but can be incredibly destructive and dangerous as more and more systems rely on correct GPS signals and information in order to function. 

Well, yesterday I saw a press release from Chemring Technology Solutions that stated that it has designed and, more importantly, successfully demonstrated the world’s first miniaturized anti-jamming module, which can be attached to GPS enabled equipment so that GPS jamming can be detected. Called GINCAN, this tiny module is 48mmx48mm and is aimed at several non-civilian uses including criminal survelliance, protection of VIPs in foreign countries and for tracking high value merchandise. Of course, this will also be invaluable for marine and aerial navigation.

You can read more about this GPS anti-jammer on the press release, but honestly most of it isn’t all that interesting. Regardless, I’m pretty confident that we’ll start to see this kind of technology move over to the private sector sooner than you might think. Innovations like this are sure to help companies be more confident in utilizing GPS for future technologies, as it safeguards the signals from outside tampering.

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