Sunday, March 18, 2012

Poll: What Kind of GPS Do You Prefer?


Next week, on April 27 to be exact, the United States GPS system will be celebrating it’s 20th anniversary of Full Operational Capability. During those 20 years of service, the system has been made widely available to the public via the end of Selective Availability and has been improved with new satellites. As more and more technology has begun to rely on GPS, the numbers and kinds of devices that use this constellation has increased almost exponentially.

Here at GPS Tracklog, I try and cover as many of the different segments of GPS as I can, from automotive to tracking to fitness and even marine on occasion. But, as the industry continues to expand it made me start to wonder: what kind of GPS do most people actually use on a regular basis? With smartphones offering surprisingly accurate maps, are automotive GPS devices really on their way down like the statistics predict? Does anyone actually use trackers on things? Do you even care about fitness GPS devices? I know I don’t really like them much.

So, today I thought I’d put it to you, fellow GPS enthusiasts. What kind of device do you prefer? Is there a particular kind of GPS you use on a regular basis, or many? Cast your vote in the poll and see where you stand!

 If you use more than one device, please let me know which ones in the comments below!


  1. GPSmap 62S

  2. Wrist-worn (Garmin Fenix) + Smartphone (when I need map display)

  3. Nuvi on the dash, GPSmap 62s fishing and work, smart phone for misc.

  4. I use my phone, my Magellan handheld, my Garmin Nuvi and my built in car GPS.

  5. I use a Nuvi 2689 or 2595 in the car. IN The Field On Hikes I Use My ETREX Vista HCX. When I use my smartphone it is mostly just to find a location on the map or view the satellite I mage. Too Much Data Still Used To rely exclusivly on the SMARTPHONE All TGE time.

  6. Nuvi 3597, Nuvi 3590, Garmin Monterra, Oregon 300 @ 450, Montana 600, 650.

    I enjoy using them all and do not put my old friends in a drawer and let them sleep. Sometimes I use more than one unit at a time to display everything I want to see without pushing buttons or caressing screens.

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