Sunday, March 18, 2012

11 Reasons to Geocache More this Summer

Hiding geocache with Garmin GPS

Summer is finally here, and where I am the season certainly is in full swing. While it can be tempting to sit inside infront of a fan and simply enjoy the air conditioning this summer, I would like to make a few arguments for getting out and doing more geocaching during the next few months of awesome weather!

  1. It’s good exercise – Whether you’re into extreme hiking or simply want some new scenery while walking around, geocaching has something that is sure to get you out of the armchair and moving about.
  2. Appreciate nature – Summer is the best time to appreciate nature, and what better way than to be outside enjoying all mother nature has to offer?
  3. Make friends – The Geocaching community is a pretty tight-knit group. While there are always bad apples, it is a great way to get out and meet more people in your area.
  4. Explore new places – Geocaching is a fantastic way to explore and discover new places
  5. Travel – Need a reason to travel outside of your town? Find a trail of geocaches and make a day-long trip to explore more! There are also geocaches worldwide if that’s more your style.
  6. Enjoy the thrill of the hunt – There’s something exciting in the treasure hunting that is Geocaching, and the thrill of finding a new cache just can’t be compared.
  7. It’s both high-tech and not – This hobby really is a mix of skills. You not only need some high-tech GPS but also have to know your way around the great outdoors. It’s got something for everyone.
  8. Improve your skills – Knowing how to navigate and read a GPS, nature skills, hiking, climbing, exploring… there are a host of skills that come with geocaching.
  9. It’s addictive – Kind of like Pringles; you can’t find just one.
  10. It’s a secret – Personally, there’s nothing I love more than walking past a geocache spot I’ve already logged and knowing that I know something the people around me don’t. It’s even better for urban caches. It’s almost like being part of a secret club or something.
  11. Enjoy the weather – This pretty much goes without saying, but caching when it’s nice out is way better than when it’s soggy and cold. Especially true if you’re trying to convert a muggle or introduce a child to the hobby.

Whatever your reason for doing more geocaching, be sure that you drink plenty of water and be prepared! Happy caching!!

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