Sunday, March 18, 2012

TomTom Expands Global Maps


Dutch company TomTom has almost undoubtedly one of the biggest mapping footprints, and the company is constantly expanding and adding new points and details to its global maps. Most recently, TomTom announced that it has added an additional 13 countries, expanded points of interest and made other improvements.

Here are some of the improvements that TomTom has made recently:

  • Added navigable turn-by-turn maps for:
    • Macedonia
    • Boznia & Herzegovina
    • Peru
    • Guatemala
    • Nicaragua
    • Panama
    • Costa Rica
    • Honduras
    • El Salvadore
    • Iraq
    • Ghana
    • Rwanda
    • Burundi
    • Kuwait
  • Introduced address points in:
    • Austria
    • Luxemburg
    • Turkey
    • South Africa
  • Significant growth in address point coverage for South East Asia reaching more than 3.6 million points
  • Increased points of interest in Mexico, bringing the total to more than 3 million
  • Launched 3D maps for Singapore
  • Introduced visualization products for the Middle East with an Advanced City Model of Riyadh and 2D city maps for 15 cities

With all of these improvements, TomTom’s global map covers roughly 45.6 million kilometers (28.3 million miles) and 4.3 billion people in 134 countries worldwide.

“The addition of nearly 3 million kilometers of roads in one year demonstrates TomTom’s commitment to geo-expansion,” said Charles Cautley, Managing Director of TomTom Maps.

TomTom’s maps are available on dedicated TomTom GPS devices, smartphones via TomTom’s app and through various connected car systems. For more information about TomTom, visit the website.

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