Sunday, March 18, 2012

BMW and Garmin Announce New Motorcycle GPS


When it comes to GPS units, motorcycles have a slightly different set of needs than cars or bicycles. Several companies have introduced motorcycle-specific units with varying degrees of success. And, most recently, it looks like Garmin and BMW have teamed up again with an expansion to the BMW Motorrad Navigation line.

The new Navigator Street is not yet available and there really isn’t all that much solid information on the unit. But with what information I could find it looks like this unit could be pretty nice for all you motorcycle fans out there.

Built specifically for motorcycles, the Navigator street has a bright 4.3 inch glove-friendly touchscreen and several features designed to make it easy to use including Bluetooth connectivity which will allow the unit to give navigation instructions directly to a compatible helmet and also let the rider make and accept phone calls. The unit also features a “winding road” option when mapping routes. This option will automatically calculate the road with the most curves for a more enjoyable ride.

Other features are pretty standard on most GPS units and include POIs, life-long maps for either North America or Europe,  a 3D intersection view and junction assist. The unit also features a TrackBack function and can transmit trips via Garmin Adventures or combine waypoints with Garmin BaseCamp. The unit is compatible with all motorcycle-specific mounts by BMW Motorrad, but mounts are not expected to be included with the purchase.

As far as price goes, there has not been anything officially announced, although the press release and all the information I could find labels it as “inexpensive,” although I tend to find that term a little vague, personally. It looks like the unit is expected to be released sometime in the next couple quarters. Again, everything is a little vague at this point, so I’ll be sure to update everyone whenever I hear more.

For now, if you want more information you can check out this article by WebBikeWorld. I might also suggest checking out Garmin’s zumo line, as this unit looks very similar to that.

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