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Garmin Edge 205 Review

Edge205UPDATE: This model has been discontinued. For a current alternative, check out the Garmin Edge 500.

The Garmin Edge 205, designed for cyclists, is similar to the more powerful Edge 305, with three notable exceptions. The 205 does not have the capacity to act as a heart rate monitor or cadence sensor, and it relies on GPS for elevation data, whereas the 305 has a barometric altimeter. The 205 does however, have the same new SiRFSTARIII chipset, which has been getting rave reviews for acquisition time and awesome coverage under canopy, in urban canyons and even indoors!

One caveat about the Edge series. These are very nice cyclometers, but if you are looking for a navigation device, you would be better off purchasing a Garmin handheld, and getting a bike mount for it.

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I’ll be posting more hands-on reviews as they show up online. Until then, here’s some…

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  1. I get the impression that this level of GPS unit does not disply your actual position coordinates – what is the simplest device to do that? I’m not really interested in all the other gubbins, simply a device which I can use along with a paper map to confirm my position, cheers, Sean

  2. It looks like the only way to do this with the Edge 205 is to mark a location. See page 48 of the manual (PDF link):

    You could also look at something like the eTrex H.

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