Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cutting edge GPS?

I saw a press release today for UNS Infotainment, a new GPS receiver from a Dubai company. A couple of things caught my eye. For one, according to the press release, "UNS Infotainment(TM) will be rolled out to other GCC countries in the
coming months. Plans are also underway for expansion to UK, Europe and
North America market by early 2007." But it was the feature list that really got me:

  • Lane level accuracy. (Comment: Hmm, how are they doing that?)
  • From its operational experiences it "Self Learns," as to enhance the
    performance of the system and tailor it to suit your personal driving
  • Universal’s unique, personal in vehicle computing device offers much
    more than navigation. UNS Infotainment provides a complete solution
    comprising 3G-UMTS/GPRS/GSM/SMS, FAX, WI-FI, Bluetooth communications,
    Internet, E-mail, Multimedia, general purpose computing and lots more.
  • UNS provides the ultimate "user to device" voice & video
    communications, and you can use UNS to send a video clip via the
    Bluetooth of your mobile, to your friends’ (UNS user’s) Bluetooth
    mobile in another city.
  • To interact with the system, users have the option of using the touch
    screen, voice commands, remote control or a wireless keyboard
  • Instead of the simple graphic maps found on most navigation only
    systems, UNS Infotainment uses information rich ortho corrected
    satellite images and/or high resolution aerial photography to provide a
    birds eye view of the current vehicle location and the route ahead.
  • You can use the "follow me" feature: to send a confidential position to
    other UNS user of your choice so that they can then use their UNS
    system to create a route to your location.
  • To enhance the delivery of information to the driver and/or passengers
    while in the navigation mode, UNS Infotainment provides driving
    directions in graphical, text, voice and picture in PIP modes.
  • UNS Infotainment is among the few "if not the only Navigation System,"
    which stores your preprogrammed navigation request and will "pick-up"
    from where you left off, even if you have interrupted your trip. (Comment: Nope. Plenty of others do this.)

Hyperbole? Or might we be getting cutting edge technology like the never to be seen Korean eye candy that Engadget keeps showing us?

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