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Magellan RoadMate 2000 update

I recently had the opportunity to spend some quality time with a Magellan RoadMate 2000, and I learned some interesting things, like the fact that this is not really a "crossover" GPS unit designed for backcountry use! Check out my Magellan RoadMate 2000 review for the update.

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  1. Paul Martin says:

    I would like to update my roadmate 2000.

  2. Domingo Castro says:
  3. Jerry Karlo says:

    Does Megellan have any intentions at all to come out with map updates? Here in our city there are major freeways that have been open for 5 years that are not on my Megellan Roadmate 2000. So I ask, what’s it good for. I bought it just a few months ago.

  4. Paul, did you find any map updates for the Roadmate 2000?

  5. i want update for magellan 2000

  6. Updates would be nice. When will they be available? My Roadmate 2000 has a USB Cable which I thought would be for updating the unit. Am I wrong!!! Well…

  7. Dave,
    Is yours running version 1.56? It is available as an update at

  8. Is their an update for the 2000?

  9. Steve K says:

    There is a product on Magellan’s site… RoadMate 2000 Map Update V2 that is a CD and SD card map update. One is for the firmware upgrade (that you can get for free by downloading off their site) and the SD card contains the new map data and POI database. It is $80 and I’ve been considering giving it a chance. I can’t find much more information on just how recent this update is… Has anyone used this? Link below.

  10. RoadMate 2000 Map Update V2 has a new improved GUI. The V2 firmware is not available as a free download. The free download is V1.56, same old GUI with bad graphics… looks like Windows 3.1, yuck. Interesting marketing scheme by Magellan, release a device with substandard software and charge $80 to to bring the thing up to modern day standards. It almost seems like they went out of their way to make it look crapy. I understand charging for new maps but the latest firmware/OS should be free..

  11. I have just got a roadmate 2000 and was wondering if anyone knows when they plan to put out a map update??
    I almost wish I stayed with a tom tom

  12. Roger Dube says:

    Where can I purchase Magellan RoadMate 2000 Map Update V2, at a reasonable price.

  13. lascelles allen says:

    i purchase magellan roadmate 2000
    close to 3 year i have problems finding adreses in some statesthat been around years. I in 2007 i put the adress of the hotel i was going to stay the gps out of the
    way i had to get direction, my son
    lives in georgia 101 lafayette st dallas GA.when i putin his address the gps read 102 laffayette st, GA 33157 i called support dept to get amap up date road map the gave me a anumber to call they told me that thathis free idont have top pay the would tell me how
    download the map icalled the next number they told me ihave to pay but ihave to gon their web site and
    pay or go besboy store they would have in stock long story i went to besy buy and three other store nobody 2000 gpsthey told me ihave ton your website and oder the gps 2000 when i went on the website your web site the dont have up date for the 2000 gps where do igo from hear iam sorry i buy this unit
    iwill never your product to any emailis [email protected]
    posted bby lascelles allaen

  14. You cannot buy the V2 map update at a regular price. It’s $80! You can buy a roadmate 1200 with the new GUI at NewEgg for $69!
    I say skip it and get a TomTom or a Garmin. Why buy from a company who charges $80 for a proper GUI?
    Magellan better get their sh!t together and let us have the new GUI for free, otherwise we will jump ship to TomTom, Garmin, etc..

  15. yea ,, iam about to order it and give it a try ,, iam tired of the bs it does now,, hope its better

  16. My daughter bought me my Magellan 2000 and I am really upset with it. I am going across a bridge and it is telling me to make a left turn ???????????What is with that .
    It is telling me to make turns on roads that I have cross referenced and the road that the map quest tells me is so different.
    So, I come on here and I see where an upgrade is going to cost me $ 80………and see someone else said upgrades on products like Tom Tom are free.
    Who does this company think they are.
    Not in a real good mood today after Verizon bought out Alltel and I am having nothing but problems with my cell phone now.
    Maybe I will just go get a Tom Tom or Garmin………

  17. Rich Owings says:

    Garmin and TomTom both offer a free upgrade IF the map is out of date when you buy it…

    The 2000 is an older model. I have to wonder how old that map is!

  18. Somehow mine went into DEMO mode for San Francisco and I can’t get it to show current location. Manual doesn’t address this problem. Can anyone out there help?

  19. Somehow mine is stuck in DEMO mode for San Francisco. Manual doesn’t address this problem. Can anyone help? Thanks!

    • This was on the Magellan support website. I’m not sure which unit it’s for, but it’s worth a try…

      To disable Demo Mode select the Settings button from the main menu. Select the Product Info button. Select the Demo Mode button. Select OK. Select the left arrow to exit to the previous screen.

  20. I got Megllan Roadmate 2035 as a gift, when I went visiting friends and relatives in US.
    Now that I am back in India, I wonder if there is any Indian map to load in this devise before I can use it in India?

  21. I have had the Roadmate 2000 since they came out. My problem is, that driving down the southeast expressway on my way to NY, the little voice kept telling me that my exit or right turn was coming up, once missed, it would tell me to make a legal u-turn when safe & possible. It still does so, even when I know better.
    SJM North of Boston

  22. Bought the roadmate 2000 in 2007 used it for awhile, in which I was ok with it, it always got me where needed to go..
    But I stuck it away for quite awhile and just brought it out and dusted off the cobwebs.
    It still works ok after charging it, but disappointed that even after all this time there are still no map upgrades for it? What is with this, are they trying to force people into buying new models to get the latest maps?
    Like someone else mentioned they supplied you with a USB cable for that and then haven’t supplied any in all that time?
    I hate to go out buy a new one when this one works fine and all need is a map update.


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