Sunday, March 18, 2012

Another geocaching Christmas, this time with travel bugs!


Last year I reported on a geocaching Christmas, now a firmly ensconced family tradition. For those of you not familiar with
geocaching, it’s a way to have fun with your GPS and get kids
out of the house and hiking. And if you just got your first GPS, geocaching is a great introduction to GPS navigation.

This year we found several caches while in North Carolina, including Decaying Tunnel which had a couple of travel bugs in it. My nephew took one to Indiana and I took the other to California.

Daisy Mae Duck is the lucky bird that hitched a ride to California, where she awaits her next trip at Ploverlook in MacKerricker State Park. According to Daisy Mae’s web page, she wants to travel and see places like Florence, Tuscany, London, Australia, New Zealand and Germany. If you can help her out, give her a lift.

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  1. spry_family says:

    If you haven’t already, check out the pic of our hunt at the Decaying Tunnel.

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