Sunday, March 18, 2012

What’s a GPS mouse?

A post about a GPS mouse on Slippery Brick caught my attention this morning. To quote:

This is an interesting combination of peripherals if nothing else. A company called Navilock out of Germany who specializes in GPS products has produced a Bluetooth enabled mouse that also acts as a GPS receiver. This is convenient in that if you are looking for a powerful GPS antenna and you are going to be using a mouse anyway, you can now just get them both in one device adding less clutter to your workspace.

Sorry guys, but you’re wrong. This thing ain’t no mouse. The term "GPS mouse" refers to the shape and size of the device, and has come to mean any wired or wireless GPS receiver that doesn’t come with any sort of interface. It merely outputs position data to a laptop, cell phone, etc.

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  1. No, I’m not the gadget police, though I kind of like the sound of it! Still, I couldn’t resist posting about it.

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