Sunday, March 18, 2012

GeoJournal – Geocaching software for Mac

GeoJournal is a new geocaching program for Mac that allows you to "plan, manage and record your geocaching activities." It includes the following features:

  • .gpx and .loc support.
  • Multiple custom categories allow you to group geocaches by type, location, etc.
  • Multiple "home" locations allowed.  For all you folks with a vacation home or the need to get away from the in-laws!
  • Built-in use of Google Maps.
  • Itinerary generation to help plan caching expeditions. Viewable in Google Earth.
  • Built-in journal feature allows you to attach photos to each found cache. hence the name, GeoJournal.
  • POP3 importing for Pocket Queries.
  • Paperless geocaching support features includes CacheMate compatibility.

I came across GeoJournal on Groundspeak, the geocaching message forum, where it is getting strong reviews.

An introductory price of $25 is being offered for GeoJournal version 1.X. Once you install the application, there is a 30 day window to try the program without any limitations.  When this demo period is up, you are still allowed to use it with periodic registration reminders, maps do not auto-load from Google Maps (you must click a button to load it), and POP3 import is disabled.

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