Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy birthday to us!


Three years ago today, I started GPS Tracklog. Coincidentally, one year ago today, my son was born. As you can see, like his dad, he’s very excited to have his hands on a new Garmin Oregon.

So here’s a special thank you to my wife, for adding another outdoors lover to the family. And thanks to all the loyal readers who have watched the site grow over the years. I never dreamed it would become so big (or time consuming!), but 934 posts later, GPS Tracklog is seeing a third of a million page views a month! A grateful thank you also goes out to those of you who take the time to comment, help others out, and share your likes and dislikes of your own GPS toys tools.

I’m going to take some time today to celebrate our littlest geocacher’s birthday, but I’ll be back at it tomorrow as GPS Tracklog begins its fourth year. GPS is just beginning to make its way into our everyday lives. Stick around and let’s see what’s next.

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