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DeLorme PN-40 RAM mount


UPDATE: Check out my hands-on review of the DeLorme PN-40.

While working on my DeLorme PN-40 review, I've also been testing a RAM mount for it on my bike. Bottom line — like most RAM mounts, it's rock solid. I tried a couple of different setups, including a new type of rail mount. Read on for the details…

Shown below is the DeLorme RAM mount cradle, which is suitable for the PN-20 or PN-40, BTW. You slip the bottom in first and then the top clips in. It feels very secure, and while I make it a habit to leave my wrist strap in place and loop it around the handlebar for any bike-mounted GPS, I don't see this one popping loose on its own. Of course, if you crash like me…


You'll also need a rail mount for bike handlebars, though RAM makes plenty of mounting solutions for other applications as well. The next image shows the cradle attached to the old style rail mount. These were difficult to install and, if you tried to remove and remount it, could even break.


So I was excited to learn of a new type of rail mount. It took me a little while to figure it out, so I've posted a few how to pics below. First up are the three key components.


Two of these components fit together like so…


Giving you this…


Now, adjust the plunger with a Phillips-head screwdriver, to where it is even with the curved surfaces of the rail mount. You'll likely end up with a gap on the back end (as shown by the quarter below) and things will be quite loose. Don't worry.


Now take one of the two rubber bases that come with the package and place as shown…


Then you just place it on your handlebars and secure it with zip ties. A couple of zip tie tips:

  • Use a flat screwdriver to press against the base of the zip tie, while pulling on the end of the tie with a pair of pliers; I still have problems getting them tight enough though — I suspect a strip of rubber on the handlebars would help
  • If you didn't get the plunger height right, you will need to cut the zip ties to adjust; you can buy additional ones at most hardware stores should this occur

One of the advantages of zip tie mounts, is that they fit all handlebars, regardless of size.

Here's the final result…

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  1. Hi, I was thinking of getting this when I first found it. However, the 2nd user review on this product page made me wait for more info. I don’t want my 60CSx flying off during use.
    How would you rate the durability?

  2. That really surprises me. If in doubt, go with the old style rail mount. I’ve had that style break, during a crash, but only after using it for a year or two. I think RAM still has a lifetime warranty, although actually getting in touch with them has been problematic in the past.

  3. This is perhaps the worst GPS mount I’ve used. It has way too many parts (as your photos show), is bulky, and requires additional hardware (not included) for mounting to smaller bars. Won’t fit oversized bars at all and no good way to mount on tapered bars (comes loose and “spins”). Sure, it holds your GPS tight inside the mount itself but connecting it to the bike is a nightmare.

  4. Thanks for adding that. Do you know of any good solution for tapered bars? Short of switching handlebars? 😉

  5. how about mounting it to your stem

  6. Stem mounts are definitely more stable. The problems are:
    1. You lose the ability to adjust viewing angle
    2. Stems are often much greater diameter than handlebars; I just checked and it definitely wouldn’t work on my bike or my wife’s.

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