Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Motorcycle Mount for GPS Released Today

Techgripper nuviToday, PowerSportsUS has announced the release of their newest motorcycle mount, the TechGripper. This super strong mount can be attached to a motorcycle in a number of ways and has a range from 2 inches to 4.2 inches, allowing users to mount small GPS devices or even a phone without having to remove the phone case. This mount has an 18-pound per inch grip using stainless steel springs and a super strong polymer resin.

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Touratech Announces Anti-theft Mount for Zumo 590LM

Zumo 590LM Locking MountTouratech has announced the release of their latest anti-theft device, designed exclusively for Garmin’s new Zumo 590LM GPS. This locking mount gives riders the confidence to momentarily leave their bikes unattended and provides a tenacious grip on the unit, absorbing damaging vibrations. read more

New GPS Sport Watch with Connected Devices Announced

Suunto Ambit3 family GPS Watch App Heart Monitor

Suunto has announced a whole family of connected devices to help athletes and outdoors enthusiasts get the most out of their sports adventures. Suunto’s first Bluetooth Smart compatible product family consists of a new Suunto Movescount App, Suunto Ambit3 Peak GPS Watch and Suunto Ambit3 Sport GPS watch, and the Suunto Smart Sensor for heart rate monitoring. The device family can either be used together or separately, and will be available for purchase in the beginning of September, 2014. Details on price have not yet been released. read more

Sci-Fi Meets Reality with New HUD Display

HUD Augmented Reality Driving

While we may not yet have flying cars, technology keeps getting us closer and closer to the world we see in sci-fi movies and films. I am pleased to say that augmented reality displays for navigation are finally here, and may be installed in vehicles within the next few years.

Yesterday, Continental announced a new Head-up Display (or HUD) that will project navigation and other information right in the driver’s line of sight. This Augmented Reality HUD (AR-HUD) looks very futuristic, projecting directions and warnings so they appear to be part of the road ahead, allowing drivers to keep their eyes where they should be–on the road and traffic. read more

GPS Windshield Mounts Illegal in over Half the U.S.

We have posted articles about this before, but with the height of vacation season upon us, I thought it might be a good time to go over where you can place GPS mounts without getting a ticket. Each state in the U.S. has different laws about where you can (or can’t) mount an external automotive GPS device in your car, and if you get pulled over in a state with a different law, ignorance isn’t going to get you out of a hefty ticket! As a general rule, you can mount the device on your dashboard and have no issues–but if you intend to use a windshield mount, be sure to check this list before you take off.  The logic is that these devices obstruct the driver’s clear view of the road and are dangerous.

Currently, windshield mounts are illegal in more than half of the US–no matter where you mount it on your windshield, you can get a ticket passing through these states. Additionally, many of these states have laws about screens being operational in the car where the driver can see them. Windshield mounts in the following states should be avoided: read more

Ethertronics releases world’s smallest GPS antenna

EtherHelix_Side_webEthertronics has announced the release of the world’s smallest GPS antenna, EtherHelix GPS, that measures 35 mm (about 1.4 inches) and weights only 11.8 grams. This tiny antenna is 27 percent shorter than other antennas on the market, but doesn’t seem to lack in any category other than size. The EtherHelix can be tuned to various SATCOM frequencies and various polarizations (RHCP or LHCP). Designed using Ethertronics’ patented Isolated Magnetic Dipole (IMD) technology, this antenna has a high tolerance to frequency shifts due to the high RF isolation and will resist detuning that would otherwise cause poor reception. read more

Garmin Montana series RAM mount

Garmin Montana in RAM mountThe RAM cradle for the Garmin Montana series was finally released recently, so I ordered one right away and put it on my mountain bike’s handlebars.

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Bracketron MobileDock Vent Mount review

Bracketron MobileDock MountI’m planning to pick up a new phone soon, and I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of buying clunky, expensive phone docks. And then there’s the fact that my wife and I have different phones, so if I take her vehicle, I’m stuck without a mount.

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A new type of GPS mount


UPDATE: Now available for the GPSMAP 78 series (scroll down for pics).

I received an email a couple of weeks ago from a fellow in Idaho who hand manufactures a new style of mount for the Garmin 60 series. It looked interesting enough that I agreed to test it out, and I came away pretty impressed.

Made from Concealex (a modified form of Kydex), the mount seems very rugged, and doesn’t appear to block GPS signals, allowing the unit to be almost completely enclosed. Dave Jankowsky, creator of the mount, has dubbed it the Buzz Bomb Cradle. You need to use a RAM diamond mount with it; I used the RAP-274U.

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DeLorme PN-40 RAM mount


UPDATE: Check out my hands-on review of the DeLorme PN-40.

While working on my DeLorme PN-40 review, I've also been testing a RAM mount for it on my bike. Bottom line — like most RAM mounts, it's rock solid. I tried a couple of different setups, including a new type of rail mount. Read on for the details…

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