Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin Oregon 450 and 450t announced

UPDATE: I’ve posted a hands on review of the Garmin Oregon 450

Garmin just couldn’t wait until the Consumer Electronics Show to start releasing new models. In a blog post this morning, they announced the touchscreen Oregon 450 and 450t handhelds. The only significant difference between them is that the 450t adds preloaded 1:100,000 scale topo maps for the entire US, rather than just the basemap found on the 450. These new units add a tri-axial compass to the feature set found on the Oregon 400t, so you don’t have to hold it level while navigating the wilds. The 450 series lacks the geotagging digital camera found in the 550 and 550t. At this point, those appear to be the major differentiators. The 450 series includes the recent firmware improvements that brought custom map capabilities to other Oregon models. I’ll update this post with product links once those are available. DONE! Thanks to @doc_nl:

Click here for the full news release.

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  1. The specs look great but dang the price is a bit spendy

  2. Mike Roberts says:

    Has there been an improvement in the display visability in sunlight?

    • Rich Owings says:

      The jury is out on that, but I believe it will be the same “improved” screen found on the 550 series. Which wasn’t much of an improvement. What is significantly better is the Dakota series screen, at the cost of a little bit of resolution.

      • Drew Knox says:

        This is helpful. I want to underscore the sunlight visibility problem on the Oregon 300 — it’s so severe I consider it a complete show stopper.

    • The screen now has a sunlight readable screen, like the Dakota. It is much better but could always be a little brighter

  3. Here you can see the first video review of Garmin Oregon 450:

  4. Great GPS especially when bundled with a map…..

  5. Hi Rich, I have noticed that the Oregon has only static routing. when I choose a way that is not on the routing, it does not automatically calculate new routing to the target. This can’t be true. Am I missing something? Right now, I am using a routable custom map. thanks

  6. Just found it. setup/routing/lock on road

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