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Garmin zumo 660

Garmin zumo 660

UPDATE: Two new models, the the zumo 220 and zumo 665, have brought even more offerings to the zumo line.

The Garmin zumo 660 is designed especially for motorcycles, combining a customizable display with glove-friendly, oversized touchscreen buttons. It comes pre-loaded with maps of the US and Canada, and includes Bluetooth for hands free cell phone calling through the cyclist’s helmet.

The zumo 660 updates the 550, moving to a nuvi-like flat form factor and wider 4.3” display, and adding lane assist/junction view, 3D buildings, speed limit display and A2DP Bluetooth.

To see how the 660 stacks up against other zumos, check out my motorcycle GPS comparison page.

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  1. George Guest says:

    Edmonton, AB
    April 6, 2011

    I have had great luck with the unit, HOWEVER The weather cap that protects your line out/antenna connections CANNOT BE REPLACED. Garmin does not sell it, stock it, provide it, hell, they don’t even have a part number. They also can’t tell you what size of machine screw you need to attach it so making your own becomes extremely difficult. Their warranty repair depots don’t have it either as this part is not supplied to them. Garmin told me my only alternative was to purchase a ENTIRELY NEW unit for a part that, at most, would cost only a few bucks. Their support staff are the worst I have ever dealt with.

    Recommend: NO

    • Call them back and talk to someone else. Ask for a supervisor if need be. They should do an out of warranty repair (actually giving you a refurb). For high-end handhelds, I believe the cost is around $100. Not sure what it would be with the zumo.

      • George Guest says:

        I did that. I have sent them 7 emails, and talked to 3 different reps and 2 supervisors. I was told there was nothing they could do for me unless I paid for a full refurb, even though all it needs is one small machine screw and a small piece of rubber that was designed to be taken off and on by the consumer. With cost of shipping and handling, and the refurb, I’m looking at close to $250.00 U.S.
        I would pay the $40 for shipping and handling for the $3.00 part, not an issue. In fact, I would order about 5 of them to be safe lol.
        But $250 for a $3.00 part that was designed to take off and on and ANYONE can do themselves easily is ludicrous.

        • George Guest says:

          Oh, I forgot to add I was looking at 7 to 10 weeks before it would be back to me, which screws me for my trip. That is why they actually suggested I just purchase a new one.

  2. I have just sent my Zumo660 in for repairs. The screen cracked while on a bike trip in Namibia. They now claim it was misuse/abuse and that Garmin does not cover the screens in their 1 year limited guarantee. Would this be the same for TomTom

    • I would try again, and ask to speak with a supervisor if the next CS rep doesn’t help you. Being nice may help. No telling what the outcome would be with TomTom.

  3. Hi,im thinking of purchasing the Garmin 660LM,would anyone know if there is a new version comming out in the near future?

  4. Carlos Pereira says:

    Good day to you Mr. Rich Owings
    I have recently purchase a second hand but in very good condition a garmin nuvi 3590LMT, which my idea was/is to used on my motorcycle because it haves bluetooth, I have intercom Twinns D3 on my helmet, but for my surprise it can be paired with my helmet but I cant hear no instruction on the helmet speakers, now I’ am thinking of changing it for a garmin zumo 660 which I have been offered for a good price, and now the question is: Will I have the same problem as on my nuvi 3590LMT ?.
    I would very much appreciate if you could please let me hear something from you.
    Carlos Pereira

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