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Garmin Forerunner 110


UPDATE: A newer model, the Forerunner 210, brings some added pace features, while keeping the 110’s form factor.

The Garmin Forerunner 110 is a new entry-level version of Garmin’s popular GPS fitness / sports watch. It has a simplified menu and drops the touch-bezel interface of recent models, replacing them with four large buttons. It’s available with or without a heart-rate monitor and comes in several colors – Men’s red, Women’s pink or Unisex.

The 110 is a good, basic runner’s watch. It is not set up for even rudimentary navigation, nor does it offer the bike speed / cadence and foot pod options of its more advanced siblings. Also missing are virtual partner, workout goals, etc. Probably the biggest compromise is the fact that it doesn’t display your current pace. It can show pace “averaged out either over the current lap/mile (if auto-lap is enabled) or over the duration of the run.”

But it does give you the basics -– how far and how fast you went, and heart-rate models even do calorie computations. This Forerunner has a SiRFstar IV chipset and HotFix technology for fast satellite acquisition too.

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  1. Just wanted to bring your attention to another review of the Garmin 110

    This one is from a UK based site so offers a slightly different take on the watch compared to some of the US sites.

  2. On the quest for a running watch for my husband. This was such a helpful post. Thanks!

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