Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin Montana series RAM mount

Garmin Montana in RAM mountThe RAM cradle for the Garmin Montana series was finally released recently, so I ordered one right away and put it on my mountain bike’s handlebars.

Montana in RAM mount front

I pulled my 60SCSx RAM mount off my bike and connected the cradle to the old style RAP-274(U) RAM rail mount I already had on my handlebars. There are plenty of other options available for mounting the Montana to bikes, cars, ATVs, etc. Personally I like to keep the profile low on mounts as a safety factor, since I have a history of going over the handlebars! 

Montana mount side viewYou can see a small roller at the top of the cradle, which allows you to clip the Montana in without damage. All ports and the power button remain accessible, and the camera lens on the 650 series remains uncovered as well.

Montana mount from above

The unit seemed very secure on a fast downhill run. While it wasn’t the most technical ride I’ve ever done, it still had plenty of drop offs, etc., and I was left feeling pretty good about  the mount’s holding power.

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  1. Rich, have you had any feedback on whether this mount would be reliably secure on an ATV? If not, any suggestions? I’d hate to have my son’s new Montana residing “somewhere” in the Green Swamp.

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